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07 June 2005 @ 12:20 am
I'm so happy right now! And for THREE lovingly happy reasons! XD

1. Check out my new icon!
HELL YEAH! psychedelic_aya-chan made it for me! Yeah! I'm so happy! THANKS SO MUCH, AYA! *glomps* There's another one but I decided to use this one for reasons I don't even know. The other one's funny though. (Focus on Blind's images. XD) If anyone would like too see the other one, it's here. According to Aya-chan, anybody else can use the other one. But this one's MINE! Muwahahahahaha! *glomps Blind* Have I told ya how much I lave you for this? XD

2. I finished downloading Tsubasa Chronicle today!
HELL YEAH! For once, I have finished dowloading within a day and a half. Go me, go me. *dances around the room like a baboon* Sadly, I had to murder two 30-hour internet cards and push dear sweet Kakashi (Mr. Bourne's other name) to the limit. I gave him about an hour's rest after that though. XD There were lots of fighting so a little boring but the episode became awsome only because Syaoran kicked ass all the time. (And literally, as Yuko-chan knows.) It's so obvious how much of a great soccer player he is. *sighs*

3. Aya-chan's coming tomorrow to sleep-over!
HELL YEAH! She's gonna sleep over so that we can go to the first day of school together! Cool, huh? XD It would be sooo cool! Oh yeah! Sadly, we aren't classmates, but oh well! We were lucky first day was delayed to a Wednesday or our plan wouldn't push through. XD Sleeping over on a Sunday isn't really approved by parents. It's an undeclared family day, you know. XD Anyways, it's fate, I tell ya. Fate.

I'm so happy! HELL YEAH! Okay, shutting up. You must be annoyed right now. XD But really, I'm so happy! Life is really is good, when you're having fun! Loved today, can't wait for tomorrow. (Now if only those darned school books could finish wrapping by themselves....)

I know this is getting annoying but....


Mood: happiness off the meter
Music: Brighter than Sunshine - Aqualung
(Anonymous) on June 8th, 2005 07:49 am (UTC)
im so happy for u.... HELL YEAH! hehehe

so... how's the cactus doing? :)
Bakang Batugankyoy on June 8th, 2005 08:26 am (UTC)
Re: moning
She's doing fine. Thanks a lot! :D