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08 June 2005 @ 07:25 pm
Sad news.  
WAH! So sad! Thanks to my beloved friend, Krinkle, I was finally be able to read the 5th Volume of TRC! *sniff*

It was SO sad! Whaha! Just like the panels in Volume 2! This shall be dubbed as the 2nd panels. It was the saddest EVER!

Sakura notices that Syaoran cares too much about her feathers, so she proceeds to apologize to him for being a burden and ask him about their past relationship but while she was asking him, she lost unconciousness! Then Syaoran just held her as she regained composure.

When she finally got to, she couldn't remember what was happening. She just went like, "What was I saying?" Then she tried to remember but SHE FORGOT EVERYTHING! She couldn't remember anymore and Syaoran just held her while she talked to herself.

By the doorframe, Fye and Kuro-woof were eavesdropping.

Fye's explanation were, "A fair price is nothing to be trifled with. Even if someone were to tell her the truth, she would forget immediately and if she remembers by herself, the same thing would happen again. Syaoran probably already knew that and that's why he never told her."

*sniff* Sad, no?

And in the end, Sakura told herself, "Someday, I'll get all my memories back and remember everything about Syaoran-kun, I'm sure of it." And at the same time, Syaoran's thoughts were, "Even if you never remember me, I'll make sure you'll get all your memories back."

*cries* WAH! Life is so sad, huh? That last scene was so sad! Syaoran just held Sakura as she she leaned against him. *sniffle*

I read it again and again and I felt sad every time. My mom actually thought someone died. Then I thought, "What if someone dies later?" And I just felt sad some more!


It's not as sad as the first one but worth mentioning as well. Monik told me that Mwu and Murrue finally met each other! He was captured by Murrue's team, the mask was finally off, and they interrogated him stuff. And you know what, because of the accident from GSDESTINY, Mwu can't remember anything about her! He doesn't even remember being a major and most of all, nothing about Murrue! *sniff* Murrue was just crying! I feel for her.....

Why, oh why?

I don't even care about ASUCAGA goodness anymore because Athrun is being such a *!@#?*!% idiot and Mwu and Murrue were my fave couple from the beginning anyways. So it doesn't really matter anymore. But Mwu and Murrue! If they mess things up with them both, I'll swear off GSDESTINY forever!

School was okay though. Teachers were okay, room was great and that made the first day actually good. there were tons of homework though. Our Geom teacher was kind and all but why such a long homework?! Oh well, that'll at least take things of the 2nd panels. *sniff*

Mood: depressed
exit42 on June 9th, 2005 06:52 am (UTC)
I'm swearing off GSD right now! Athrun is a f-ugly idiot. hmp. Aaawww Murrue ='(
Bakang Batugankyoy on June 9th, 2005 08:01 am (UTC)
I know! Murrue! *sniff* Let us both swear them off together!
彩: SasuSaku - Sinpsychedelic_aya on June 9th, 2005 08:51 am (UTC)