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12 June 2005 @ 10:53 pm
Celebrations, KayJuli Update, Loads of Fun and TRC Dowloading Madness.  
Here it is mirin, just as promised. But before that....





Subject of today: KayJuli trying to beat her proper record

How many books can a normal person (I consider myself a little normal) read in one week? That is the question. I guess that I am gonna discover. Until today my record was 3, but I think that this week, I pass that and double it!

The business is next: I have remained to be separated from my baby a.k.a. my computer for some time. I have to do this. Lately, I spent little time in front of this computer. Firstly, because only by looking at it, it makes me want to give hysteric shouts at it (rubbish that keeps on breaking down). Secondly, because the only thing I use it for is to write fanfics and download (BTW, I am 10 musics away to reach 2000 MP3s). Everyone knows that to write about something I have not finished, then my time in the computer would diminish greatly (for my parent's happiness).

However, something interesting happened last week. Only for curiosity, I decided to use my downloding program to look for archives with name of my favourite writer of romance - that we all know who is. For my surprise and total joy, I found a mountain of books on her. When I saw that it was certain, I started to look for other authors who I like. Result: I ended up downloading more tham 120 e-books, most of them are difficult or impossible to find in Brazil. Now, imagine my desperation: I am with a computer full of books, not knowing which one to read first and most of all, I have only less than a week with my baby.

I read three of books in the week end. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Two of them transferring in my favourite place and time: in the Highlands during the XVII and XVIII centuries. They had breath-taking scenes. Three of them were by the same author and I got excited in such a way that when I finished, I sent an email to congratulate her. I know that she could read it, but the stories were pretty. Anyway, I am super busy this week. Between going to the dentist (nooooooo), to making purchases (in my list, I placed on the top of my palm, to take my books with me. He will be that I earn? Yeah, right.) and to top all the problems, I am practically running out of time. How many it will be that I go to obtain to read? Bye-bye-bye!

On fics: TPoTH, gone off the wind in poop. KNH, stopped for the next two weeks. TTTD, also gone off in the wind in poop and who knows if I can post the first chapter in the upcoming month?

Raven: QEFTSG is not a film. It is a reality show. Some rich queer guys transform one common man into a sophisticated person. They go changing his wardrobe and cutting his hair as far as cleaning and remodelling his house to teaching him in the kitchen. I'm accustomed not to assist because, sincerely, their style annoys me. But I was flipping channels the other day and he caught one face that if dressed that nor a innocent. (You know those typical singers in the USA county? The typical ones. Long, thrown clothes, beard up to the waist...) Indeed. I saw the man entering in the Hall of Beauty and thought: what's a guy to do in places like these? I stopped for a few seconds to see what they were going to do with him. I'm counting on you, underneath that hairdresser and the tacky clothes... wow. As if the frog transforms into a prince. The transformation was so impressive that I spent the rest of the show sighing with mouth open. Nor the woman of the face wise person who it was so pretty! She stopped, waved a hand in front of his face and said: Honey, you're beautiful! Not, "handsome", but "beautiful", and he certainly was. Impressive. If happen to come across this episode again, I'll record it!

Now I'm going. Gotta return to bed. I was attacked with sinusitis. It is this cold, then it is hot in here. The weather has not decided.



Gaah, that was long! Longer than usual, at least. It was so long, I got lazy translating it last night, I had to go put it off until today. XD In fact, it's so long, it's kinda lazy to read. But if you're used to KayJuli's stories, this entry is nothing. XD

It's sad to know that there's no good news on TPoTH. :( Sad.... Btw, what IS TTTD?

That was real crappy translation though, if you'd notice. So forgive me because I am too lazy to fix them. XD

The Original. If I copy-paste the whole entry, this would take long. XD

To other topics, we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith today. It was really good. I loved the movie. It was real funny. Has action, comedy and even a bit o' romance. And of course, the inevitable sexual scenes. *rolls eyes* Gawd, why is it that most Hollywood films nowadays have to have these kinds of scenes? Jeez!

Not to fond of Angelina Jolie but both their characters make a great couple. I love Brad Pitt's character though. Real funny and cute. XD

Plus, I was finally able to buy DNAngel 8. OH YEAH!

And finally got MS WINDOWS XP Professional, MS Office, and the Adobe Collection and other programs for our poor reformatted family computer. Oh goody....

Today was fun.

Real fun.

Who knew Independence Day could be so fun?

If everyday were always this fun, it would be a fun life.




Tsubasa Chronicle 10 was out early today so I'm nearly halfway through. Oh yeah!

But Monik finished it was waaaay before I got 40% and it's not fair 'cos she downloaded 3 hours later!


Iba na talaga 'pag DSL....

Mood: real happy
Music: End of Me - Marion Raven
彩psychedelic_aya on June 12th, 2005 11:26 am (UTC)
Iba na talaga 'pag DSL....

True, true! *nod nod* I hope we're switching, though. My mom wants DSL and she's already asking me to canvas the prices... *prays and hopes*
Bakang Batugankyoy on June 12th, 2005 11:48 am (UTC)
Whah! Buti ka pa! sana kami rin! *joins Aya and prays and hopes on her knees*
Abby Nicoleabbyabby on June 13th, 2005 04:36 am (UTC)
Thanks bea!

Pano mo nalaman na birthday ko? Ako ba yun? Hehehe.

Bakang Batugankyoy on June 13th, 2005 11:33 am (UTC)
Whahah! Binabasa ko din naman LJ mo, noh! :P


Sana nagsaya ka. :D