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13 June 2005 @ 11:34 pm
Tsubasa Hapiness!!!!  

Tsubasa Chronicle 10! Yayay! Finally! I'm so happy!

I thought this episode would only contain boring battles, but no! It was really entertaining! Last episode was pretty boring but this one was just so cool! Even the fighting scenes were cool! XD

The lack of bruises and blood were the only downside to the battle scenes. (No, I’m not a gory sadist. I just prefer it if things weren’t so perfect. Plus, the bruises give a more drama effect. XD)

But still! Even without the bruises, whoa! They still looked cool! I couldn’t stop drooling over Syaoran! And Kuro-mii and Fye looked so cool fighting the Kishimuu. Whahah! They look really good together! XD

And Syaoran was just-- *drools*

And the one of the things I look forward to in the anime, extra-never-before-scenes in the manga! Oh yeah!

This time, it was Chunyan’s mother possessing Sakura’s body. Turns out, she was the one who was talking to Sakura last episode 8, with the "Go with the one you love...." stuff. Cool no? She gave Chunyan words of wisdom and the magical mirror of hijutsu that Chunyan used in the manga. Pretty dramatic parting when her mother left Sakura’s body.

And the BGM! I loved it! The song were Kuro-mii and Fye were battling and sharing moments was absolutely <3! (Or maybe it’s just me.... *sweatdrop*) Some other songs in the previous episodes were pretty good too but I just loved this song. XD

That does it, I’m buying the OST of Tsubasa Chronicle. XD

Even if some songs were .Hack-ish, (A big turn-off for me. Recycling! How could Bee-Train used recycled stuff for the TRC anime?!) it should not be the reason I do not give justice to the other wonderful BGMs and Songs. (I liked the OP and ED. Especially the ED.)

Mokona, as usual is kawaii! *glomps*

The Ryanban’s son is ugly with his bulging muscles. XP and the Ryanban? Just plain weird with his long earlobes.

But the episode was lovely! They even showed a flashback of my fave scene in episode 8. XD


Annoying thing at the end, BIG CLIFFHANGER.


But, Bee-Train did a good job on that one! Cliffhangers usually make the watchers want more, right? But I want it now! I’m not making sense, am I? XD

Things to look forward to in the next episode: Syaoran gets Sakura’s feather, CLAMP School Detectives appear and they (finally) arrive at Lake Country!

Bee-Train is taking too slow, though. Tenth episode and they’re still at volume 3? I don’t mind the slowness of the anime but if there are only gonna be 26 episodes, then that means only 16 left! At this rate, they’ll probably only finish until volume 8 and cut the anime!

I don’t like cut animes! That’s just annoying! ARGH. If ever they do that, there MUST ABSOLUTELY BE a second season.

Oh geez. It's 11:26 in the evening and I still haven't done my English AND Geom homework. Mental note to self: Set priorities straight.

Mood: contented
Music: Come Get Some - Rooster