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20 June 2005 @ 08:53 pm
Sexy CLAMP School Detectives and More Randomness.  
Guess who got to watch Tsubasa this jolly hectic day of Monday! *laughs manically*

Oh yeah! First of all, I'd like to announce that it only took me THIRTEEN HOURS to download last Saturday's episode! *dances around the room* Oh yeah! It usually takes me at least TWENTY-FOUR FRICKING HOURS but today was different, I wonder why?

I finished downloading this morning at 6:30 but I had to leave for school *curses early school mornings* so I had to wait for the LONG HOT day to finish before I got to watch it. Personally, I'd rather go to school late and end the school late than start it early and end it early. Sleep is good. Cherish it. Yes, yes.

Entitled, "Chosen Tomorrow" or something like that. Syaoran as usual, was so hot! >____<

Still not fond of the lack of bruises and recycled dot hack songs (which I shall get over soon, I'm sure), but the episode was just *thumbs up*

Loved Mokona as usual. Kawaii, when she kicked Kuro-pon in the face and Fye was just grinning. Them three looked just like a married couple with their bratty kid. ^____^ But especially with the Mito Komon thing! Mokona was just <3<3<3<3

Syaoran is so sad with the "Never calls me 'Syaoran'" bit and most especially with the memory of Sakura-chan's birthday. In the memory, when Sakura mentioned Syaoran's name, there was a *ding* instead. Effect was good, I actually felt sad. >____<

The voice of the fake Sakura was different than usual. It sounded o.O and I was just, "That's a cheap imitation of Sakura-chan! CHEAP!" But I guess it was a fake for a reason. XD

I found Syaoran's SD form quite weird though. Did not like it. It was too super-deformed.

The CLAMP School Detectives were hot. XD Heheh. even Akira, who was the most kiddie in the original series, looked hot. *drools* Heheh. The thing I loved most about their appearance was Nokoru's hands. THEY ACTUALLY HAD BRUISES IN THEM! *rejoices* Again, I am NOT a sadist. I merely wish to see unperfection. The anime is just too clean. XD The thing I got dissappointed over was that Suoh and Akira had no bruises. From what I remember, in the manga, they have bruised hands too. There goes my imperfected world out the window....

The only major thing I hated was the eyecatch. WTFH is Fei wossissname doing there, hogging the spotlight for a mere 5 seconds?! Hatehimhatehimhatehim. I have made up my mind. Shinn is only going 2nd on my list. (Hah, be greaful ugly-good-fer-nothing-Shinn!) Fei whahfesgdf is now at the top. His appearance in the eyecatch and in the nearend made me realize just how much I hate him so. Hatehimhatehimhatehim.... Plus, his stupid old-man's memory made the anime go and have a few more unnecessary flashbacks. (Took at least 1 minute of the precious anime I slaved downloading over.) GARRRR.

Another thing I did not expect: No Lake Country appearance. In last episode's preview, Mokona said to be prepared to see a lot of blue. That only meant Lake Country, right? *is confused*

Oh well.

I loved the episode preview though. Another SakuraXSyaoran moment! It seems they changed it again. In the preview, instead of Syaoran going into the lake alone, he has Sakura with him! *is excited* Must see!

Once again, I can't wait for next Sunday....

Though I still have a lot to do, I shall continue blogging anyways.

Another new episode of The OC! Sadly, I did not get to watch it because of Tsubasa. (Priorities!) But of course, I recorded it. Shall watch it after this enrty. SethXSummer goodness, must watch.

Because Umag is nagging me to watch Oh Feel Young tonight, I am going to. But with the stack of homeworks awaiting me, I don't think I can. My mum's recording it anyways so I'll just borrow it. XD (Thank God for VCRs and record buttons.) Which reminds me, OPM CDs....

On my reading progress, I have finally reached 1/3 of the Wyrd Sisters. Granny Weatherwax is so traditionally funny! I love them witches already. XD

Hmmmm.... According to my LJ clock, Twisted Fantasy 19 should be up in 2 hours and six minutes. psychedelic_aya, BETTER BE READY! Which reminds me, I have yet to read her AeraXAstral drabble. Oddly, I (so far) do not feel any sort of anger towards that pairing.....

Is it just me, or is FF.net getting slow? (I think it's just me. XD) I tried to revive my account yesterday by posting a story. (Finally!) But it took so darned long to upload, I got lazy and closed the window instead. XD Pity, it was supposed to comfort Aya-chan in her time of headache bonanza and writing desperation & struggles..... Oh well! Better luck next time! *laughs manically* Maybe next weekend? I shall see.

Okay, so much for the topic-bouncing business already. I have yet to do my Trigo homeworks, English essay, THE food diary and rewrite my Filipino and History notes. Not to mention I'm gonna watch The OC too. Then there's that drabble I'm gonna read and review. XD Oh goody....

Good News: Mass tomorrow. Oh goody, another day of shortened periods.
Bad News: INSTITUTIONAL mass tomorrow. With the whole Grade School AND High School cramped in one measley NON-airconditioned gym. Oh goody, another day of sweaty sardined hotness.

Mood: ecstatic
Music: California - Phantom Planet