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24 June 2005 @ 09:00 pm
KayJuli Update.  
I checked her blog yesterday but had no time to translate. But now I do so.... XD

Subject of Today: What KayJuli does while walking.

Fast entrance indeed and it's almost midnight and I am tired and I want to go to bed.

You know where I am? In England! Yeeeeeess! I am so happy! I arrived this Saturday morning, after one of the most interesting trips of my life--my 6 hours in Guarulhos has made me an insane person. Everything that happened with me and I saw... btw, the things in Brasilia are expensive, But the things in the airport are much more expensive! Goodness, see. Oh! But I saw the first three mangas of Tsubasa in a bookstore ! AND!! Imported and translated in English! They are prepared for price: R$53,00! No way I'll pay that much for one magazine.

Well, I arrived in London where my uncles looked for me and went through a four-hour cruise to Yorkshire. I am really loving it. Everything--and very different--the friendly streets, houses... and people here. I want to say, I am in such a way one that catches attention because I am not white like the others (I am brown-white clearly I know. By now, you've seen my photo). But since I am not really that white, people stare at me. Most are simply curious and not rude.

I wanted to write more, but I can't. I am tired and I need to go.

And a kiss for the people to whom I must email: but do not despair. I shall answer them as soon as I'm able to.

When KNH (someone asked asked me about it)--we shall see what happens. I am really inspired to write now. Unfortunately, not to write KNH. @ _ @ And the atmosphere. I want to continue working in my project TTTD (which by the way, means The Time Traveler`s Diary).

I'll write more later!

^ _ ~...KayJuli


Oh yeah! Another entry done! As usual, not really accurate translations but at least the thought is there. XD The entry's not too long like the last time. (Thank God. XD)

And there's fun news!

KayJuli is in London! I feel so envious! >___< I wanna go somewhere out of the country soon--specifically the UK. Yayay. I'm happy for her! While reading the original, I found more words she used that are we also use in Filipino! Like "cada-" (kada-) and morena (morena). Fun, ne? Just goes to show how much Spanish influenced we Filipinos are. (333 years, man!)

Sadly, she has no inspiration to write KNH. Sad! At least now we know what TTTD means. Might be a new fic, I don't know. XD I just hope she finds inspiration soon....

I don't think she has TRC yet. I hope she does though. If she didn't, she's missing A LOT. Poor KayJuli....

Mood: disappointed
Music: Come Undone - Lifehouse