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26 June 2005 @ 03:21 pm
Just a little more fanart.  
I searched for more Maxi goodies and lookie what I got!

The image that started it all.

Maxi is from Wild ARMs: Flower Thief, btw. Pretty hard to search for goodies on it but I manage. He kinda looks like Rudy, ne? Check out my new icon, it's Rudy! XD Rudy and Maxi are <3<3<3<3 ne?

They are both mine, btw. MINE!!!! Muwahahahaha! (Except of course the fanarts I post. I don't draw--more of CAN'T draw.)

Here's more, WA-unrelated stuff.

Final Fantasy 9!

Ice cream, yum!

And look! More Naruto fanart! XD

Typical Naruto. XD

And in memory of them three....Gundam Seed Destiny

Scrap Shinn out of the picture and it&apos;s perfect.

Oh, and that's it for now. Sloth has gotten the best of me once again. XD

彩psychedelic_aya on June 26th, 2005 09:12 am (UTC)

I must get to your house now and PILFER your computer. XD Muwahahahah! Kakashi-sensei shall be pilfered by my USB thingy! (Hm, I've got to name my USB thing.)

Maxi is hot. <3. Yes, he does look like Rudy. AND OMG HE HAS GOGGLES! (OBITOOOOO!) Thankies >:D< so much for posting them art. They're so nice.

The FFIX one is so cute! Yay, Zidane and Dagger goodness. *glomps* They're so perfect together! Efef-nayne da best!

Naruto! AWWW, look at the Chibi-Ino and Chibi-Shika! I bet Shika's thinking how troublesome she is. (She's pointing at Temari! GO INO! TAKE SHIKA! HELL YEAH!) XD And Chibi-Sakura is looking at Chibi-Sasuke! *glomps them both* WAI!!! And Lee... is looking like himself. XD Neji's cute too. Wai. *glomps them all*

When I saw the GSD fanart, I was saddened. THEY DIED! THEY DIED! HOW COULD THEY DIE?!!?
Bakang Batugankyoy on June 26th, 2005 10:08 am (UTC)
Whahah, I'm glad you liked them.

Oo nga noh, I just realized that he DOES have goggles! XD Maxi is WAY cuter though. XD

And yes, I do love the FF9 goodness. I have loads of Tantalus fanart fer you! XD

The Naruto one is funny, ne? Look at Naruto posing and Lee swimming! Sakura looks so infatuated with Sasuke! XD As sad as the slight ShikaTema implication is, the triangle between them and Ino in the photo is funny.

The GSD is sad, no? *sniffle* So hate Shinn at the moment.