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21 September 2009 @ 11:41 pm
Our time has stopped like this  
Delibs was today. It was uh, yeah. I'm just amazed at memcom for being so accurate with their quota.

the icon convo meme
things KYOY would never say

from basically everyone on my list specifically pyoooor
❏ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper.
❏ Explain in no more than five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
❏ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

One of the perks of having a wonky pc is that the numerous messy desktop icons disappear from sight every now and then~

❏ It's Maaya, need I say more? ♥
❏ So shiney kyaaaa, color burn makes it look so shiney! *O*
❏ I like how she looks in this artwork. I honestly didn't like this dress on her irl.
❏ To give my desktop some color for a change~

WasabiToys is killing me. First all the K-ON! preorders and now a Kobato one? Ffff. why do I get the feeling I'll be out of debt until the day I die? At least I will die happy, eh?

YAMAI's take on Just Be Friends makes me baaaawwww and breaks my heart like no other every time her voice cracks in the song. :< Thanks to k.mikko for introducing this version to me and to Ai-chan for giving me a copy of the song~♥

Four days until Tayong Dalawa's finale~ Today's episode of Dahil May Isang Ikaw was so boring. ;o; Better make up for the next episodes plox.

Kinda dreading Math tomorrow but meeting up with jil is an upside! For the second time, I will not waste my 4.5 hour break~

Belated congrats to the couple who finallyfinally made it official kyaaaa ilu2sm! ♥

Mood: awake
Music: Just Be Friends -paino version- - ヤマイ