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27 June 2005 @ 11:10 pm
Updates--Edited. (KayJuli, TRC82, & xxxHOLIC movie news)  
She updates often these days, eh? But then again, if you're going to read this update, it's sorta just random.



*sniff* No comment!

Well then! I will only write a new update here if I get at least 5 comments per post.


....KayJuli 15:44


DISCLAIMER: Translation not accurate.

This entry actually surprised me. XD I hope that's not true though. She updates too seldom on her fics already. At least through her blog, I get a piece of new information on them. XD

To anyone else who reads her blog and wants to make her feel better by commenting, go here.

chibiyuuto updated the link for TRC Chapitre 82. I have finished downloading it but since I hate spoilers, I am seriously contemplating on whether to open it or not.


I hate myself.

Oh, but here's good spoiler-free news: He put up the link to the site that has xxxHOLIC movie screencaps! SCREENCAPS! Oh yeah, oh yeah! And there's a better summary now! :D

Gekijoban XXXHOLiC - Manatsu no Yoru no Yume:
One day Yuuko receives an invitation by a mysterious addresser for the holding of an auction. A lot of hard edged collectors have been invited for this auction held at an old-fashioned European style building. However once Yuuko and the fellow invited collectors arrive the mysterious host of the auction doesn't show up. Moreover it seems that soon one after another the guests (the collectors) mysteriously disappear and even more strange events happen on the auction night. What happens and who on earth actually is the host of this whole "party"?

Interesting, huh? Hope to hear news as juicy as this on the Tsubasa one....

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