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25 November 2009 @ 08:01 am
How can I connect to you?  
This time, awesomeawesome questions from tomi~

❏ Leave me a comment saying "Beichte!"
❏ I'll respond by asking you four-five questions so I can get to know you better.
❏ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
❏ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

If you were to make a music video for The Weaboys, what song would it be and how would the MV go?
Because I am so in love with Menschen Suchecn Menschen, I'd chose that. Idk about the music video though, am not very artistic. But let me try anyway~ I like MVs that tell a story. So this one should have one. Maybe the premise is, the twins grew up apart and never knew each other even existed. The majority of the video is they are restless and uneasy, searching for something they don't even know. (Lol emo!) They both encounter or pass by Gusti and Georg on the way. And because the two G's deserve their screentime too, I'd like them to be perpetually in the background. I'm thinking sth like "Where's Wally?" kind of incognito, to give the fans something to do while watching the video lol. Anyway, they meet each other finally, in some way. Idk how. Maybe they bump into each other or sth? I'd prefer it to be casual and ordinary. When they do, they can't help but smile at each other. *O* Feeling of restlessness and unease is magically gone. Yay twincest connection! Lol that was so cheesy. But yeah, sth like that lmao.

How come your body clock is so retarded?
Permanent jetlag Tomi. ;o; I'm so excited to meet fans from the Philippines, I can't sleep!

But lulz aside, I think actually know how this started. I just don't get why it's still like this. There was a time, around the LU/AOF weekend, that I was too busy to even remember to eat. So I would eat like once a day or not at all, living on water because I always have water (from melted ice) to drink by my side anyway. A couple of days of doing this, I realized how little I eat so I decided I should eat more even though I didn't feel hungry. But since my body got used to this anomaly, whenever I would eat a full meal, I would throw up. There were times when I would stop myself from throwing up even though the urge was so strong. It was hard, but I was able to do it twice. Because dude, I can't live like this! XD I was worried at first, that there would be something wrong with me. But andi pointed out that my body was probably used to having no nutrition whatsoever and suggested I eat in small quantities so I can stomach the food and keep it in me. After doing that, the throwing up stopped! \o/ So no need to worry~ Now I can eat normally again, as much as I want--just er not the gluttony amount, the usual, necessary amount is fine~ However, I still sometimes feel sick in the stomach that I wanna throw up. The urges are not as epic as before but they still come and go. :<

Anyway, how is this relevant to the question, you might ask lol. That's a background, I guess. Because I noticed my retarded body clock started at the same time I started eating little and feeling sick. Like I said, I don't feel like that anymore but my body clock refuses to adjust. XD When I used to wake up before 6am before, now I wake up before 5am. Today, I woke up before 4am. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME.

Lol sorry that took long. Idek if that's the answer, it's just the only theory I could think of because it kinda makes sense to me.

If you could wear any of the outfits you've seen Bill don, what would it be?
Omg aaaa. Wait. This is so haaaard. I'm really in love with his EMA jacket and Minimoys coat but for a whole outfit? Let me browse for pics first lol. Uh.... There are a bunch of random tops of his I'd love to own but for a whole outift, it'll probably be his Automatic clothes? Idk It looks so fabulous and sexy and somehow(?) casual at the same time! *O* Not too shiney but unique enough~

While we're on Bill's look. If I won't get a haircut, I'd want my hair to look like this. Maybe when I'm older, have control over what grows on my head.

Is there someone who you would "choose to be lonely, than live without their attention"?
Do you even have to ask this question, Tomi?~♥

But lol idkr. There's this one person I've been missing a lot lately because we both got too busy with rl!shit to even have a brief random conversation. That made me really sad sometimes. But we're both catching up on each other's lives right now so yay~ I don't really think this person is the one that fits the lyric to letter for me. But that person's probably the closest. :)

What two things from the Chowking menu could you eat forever?
This is easy! Nai Cha with crushed ice and Emperor Beef Noodles without a doubt! Come to think about it, it's been a while since I had my favorite Chowking meal. :< I should someday~

And another awesome meme from mikki:

Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television program
Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 → A photo you took
Day 10 → A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Day 15 → A fanfic
Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 → A talent of yours
Day 20 → A hobby of yours
Day 21 → A recipe
Day 22 → A website
Day 23 → A YouTube video
Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
Day 26 → Your week, in great detail
Day 27 → This month, in great detail
Day 28 → This year, in great detail
Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Always thought it'd be "The Garden of Everything" until the day I die. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm not saying I have a different overall favourite song but I'm considering letting "Menschen Suchen Menshcen" take it's place.

I fell in love with the English version both melody and lyrics-wise, oblivious to what the lyrics actually meant. When I found out, I was all--lolwat. But I didn't like it any less. When I read the German lyrics for the first time, it was me falling in love all over again. They're just so beautiful. I love the chorus the most. Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because it reminds me of One Tree Hill's famous quote, "Six billion people in the world and all you need is one." idkr. I guess you could say the lyrics expresses one of the many thoughts I have sometimes. And again, it's not just the lyrics, the tune is also catchy.

Okay lol. I will be late for class. Byeski~

Lira: fangirlseikochan on November 25th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)

(Doing memes because I can't concentrate on my acads lol)
Bakang Batugan: Smittenkyoy on November 25th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
❶ Who are your celebrity crushes? Am curious about international, Asian and Filipino is there's any~
❷ Name your favorite movie of all time, discuss plox.
❸ Other than Japanese, what language would you love to learn?
❹ Do you think there's sth you could recommend to me like now that you think will distract me fro toho-fagging for even a moment?

(Lol hope you'll finish those acadshit on time. Good luck, dear~)
l_trickster_l on November 26th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
the video would be...... orgasmic~

AND WTF EAT PROPPERLY!! magre-resurface ang anorexia scandals =/

Cosplay on the meet and greet? XD Pero lol, we don't really need to do that. we should cosplay as normal people else we get man-raped XD
Bakang Batugan: Beautifulkyoy on November 26th, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
Yay, you approve! \o/

I am, Tomiiii~ Don't worry. :D /hugs!

Ohhhh. I think I'd like to try being ~incognito~ though. :3 Or maybe we could wear some accessories that our distinctly ours? Like your hat and my gloves? O: But we can't really find them among the luggage atm though. ;o;

Imusm Tomiiii, can't wait until this tour is over! But yay on Saturday, I get to see you shine! *O*