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08 February 2010 @ 02:25 pm
You want me to change, but all I feel is strange  
So I've got an endoscopy scheduled at 3:30 and thought maybe if I start an entry now, I'll be forced toable to finish by then? 8D

Anyway yay~ It seems the hell month(s) is finally subsiding a bit--although I've still got some pretty major acadshit here and there, at least they're fairly manageable? I want my time (for tohoring) back ;o;

Have been cooped up in the house (particularly my room) for four days straight now. Just realized I haven't seen anyone besides family and people from the hospital since Thursday wew how sad. But at least I'm not bedridden anymore! /o/ (Typing while reclined is hard when you're not using a laptop.) Just to clear things up, I'm not sick~ Just--weak or whatever. I've always been weak but never sickly--there's a difference! /proud The overall bodily pains have gone along with Moses and but the migraines are still perpetually here orz. The doctors are making me drink 7 different drugs a day--4 of which I need to drink each meal--even though I don't think I really need at least two of them orz. But it's only for a week so, yeah~ Neuro thinks my shit is due to stress, Moses and the possibility that we may have a history of migraine-shit in the family but Idk about that.

On happier news, finally got the results from my CT scan last November! All thirteen plates look awesome even though it pretty much says I'm still relatively normal~ It came with a CD too! So techy~ *O* /primitive Haven't checked the contents, maybe next time when Big Mac is free~

Excited for several events this February! There's that Art Studies conference coming soon and Slash Night after. Also, EK on the 28th! /o/ (Hope fairly everyone can make it ;o;) Just realized sth though, even though AstroSoc's apps night was moved, I don't think I can still make it because of the conference :<

AME Week passed by already and the culminating AMEzing Race is today. I hope we got a lot of participants *u* The Matsuri was successful, imo but ahuhuhu I wish I was able to go during the Karaoke contest. This week is kinda stressful for AstroSoc because of our app-related duties and the org's affiliation with the nearing UP fair but nothing no one can't manage!

What else, what else~

Oh, and I finally bought myself a phone! Had to borrow money from Mike, can't pay for my Wasabi preorders now, won't be buying food in school until the sem ends, etcetera etcetera but yay so worth it~ Meet Benjamin, everyone!

Er, that's him one the left. I'd upload a new photo emphasizing him and his shiney glory alone, with his new faggy wallpaper but transferring pictures is too much for my laptop to handle, so maybe next time! And I might as well mention it; that's my new pair of glasses on the right (finally!) and lol Mr. Celdran's receipt is lying underneath my junk.

The stylus' name is Adam. If you can guess why they're named as is, you're awesome~ 8D (Danke, tomi for the ideas!)

Also, lol. Here be my current desktop:

It won't change back no matter what I do~ Yeah, I need to reformat. I need to find the cord for our external disk drive for that though, since my laptop can't read cds anymore orz.

And let's end with that-meme-that-slipped-my-mind-last-time-but-I-have-not-completely-forgotten now~

Day 05 → Your favorite quote
(full list)

"What are you doing to me?" Tom asked, thinking back to the earlier times he'd asked that question. He stroked over Bill's back and answered it himself, this time. "You're making yourself into my everything." (At Sea For You)

AAAA I LOVE THAT STORY. Tomi rec'd it to me two weeks ago, I think? I only got to finish from chapter 6 (where I paused due to acadshit) yesterday and I can't stop rereading almost every chapter baaaawwww ;o; Such a wonderful, wonderful story. I'll review when I'm coherent enough to say sth other ill one than 'ffff-adsakljk!' or whatever gibberish soon~ Omg the plot! *O* It's AU but it still believable, I like how real events are incorporated into the story somehow and I lovelove how the characters are just so human.

Oh lol. I was supposed to talk about the quote, wasn't I? (Can't say if that's my favorite overall but it's the current one~) Well it's sweet and I'm a sap! Not to mention, the undeniable Kaulitzcest! /fag Yeah, that's pretty much it~ On a semi-related note, Why are all the beautiful romantic stories almost always slashfiction? Not that I'm complaining~ But idk, when I read het stories that are meant to be sweet, I find myself cringing sometimes. Just noticed how rare it is to find a het story with just the 'right' amount of sweetness in it. Ahahaha I still don't know the difference, so don't ask me~ XD

I think I'm done with this post! And with enough time to prepare too! /proud

ps, This entry looks loooong~ ;o;

Mood: content
Music: Strange [Extended Preview] - Tokio Hotel and Kerli
see-saw margery daw: gin <3margerydaw_s2 on February 8th, 2010 08:27 am (UTC)
You need to relax, darling.
Shiney: tomsmilesl_trickster_l on February 8th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
RIGHT? Sometimes AUs are osom \o/ Georg and Andreas lol.

As much as I love Adam, we have to kick him out of the top spot. SOON.

Saw deine Benjamin when Ich war phone hunting myself. So shiney *u*

TCH. You better be okay. February-March ist loaded mit dates.

Andi should bring die kumyoung machine if ever du get a reformat date, to pass the time lol.

Lira: doushiteseikochan on February 8th, 2010 09:35 am (UTC)
Get well soon! ;A;

I fap over that CT scan That looks awesome, dear! And a new phone, too? *A*

Hm, have you tried right-clicking the desktop, selecting Properties and going to the Desktop tab? Try changing the background from there?