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04 July 2005 @ 12:33 am
KAYJULI UPDATE!!!! (and blah)  
And look, I have time to do this but not to study for my Chem quiz. o.O



Subject of Today: Acknowledge the travellers

No way, from now on, will I leave without getting health-insurance. @ _ @ I estimated how much insurance it would take me to leave, and seeing that it was expensive, I thought: "Ah, I won't get it now. In the end of the accounts, I won't be able to finish using it." Yeah, right. Now you are suffering. I can't just go into the pharmacy and buy medicine. I have to consult a doctor before I buy, and to get one, 'resident's parents must face the consultation for the medicine'... then, I briefly used salt. My problem? Apparently I have rocks in my kidneys.

I try to understand them, trying not to feel like a martyr (those victims who received my e-mails for fun know what I am saying ^_~), but I simply can't understand why I have to stop by the hospital regularly. The staff of the hospital where I normally go in Brazil knows me! Here, I just arrive and the physician says: "Are you new here?" Nobody believes me! Yes, I have the problem that I greet more or less nobody (there is nothing I can do about this), but the impressive amount of times that I stop in the hospital for ridiculous things! Since the glass dinner table broke, (on which I was supporting myself when it broke) the balls of ping pong in my way - where I stepped on, glided, fell and had internal hemorrhage! Now, rocks in my kidneys, when I am still twenty thousand kilometers from the house...

It's possible! And it did happen! This is ridiculous! And I could rest a little if I was in good health for a month. A month! It would have been sufficient! *breaths in deeply, calming down* Sorry. For placing my frustrations like this. ^ _ ~

Ah, yes. And another cause for my frustration: AOL stopped my account. Why? Because I sent one e-mail for 130 people the day before yesterday. They turned the e-mail as bulk (What no way! I was just sending an email to all my readers that I posted another chapter for TPoTH!) and they stopped me. I cannot verify my e-mail at AOL (that and more importantly,) my mom in Brazil says no one can use their e-mail or access the internet because of what I did.

Yep. That's my life. And people still ask me where I get lots of ideas of misery in my stories... @ _ @ I I ask myself: how do I get them? What are the possibilities of such things happening to one person?

*sigh* Oh well. Let us talk about happier things. Yesterday, I was really, really amused. He would write on it now , but as much things to count that it deserves one post so for it. Photos! Yes! I went to order some! I filmed everything, everything seen from the front - since one he mines of breeze of 1913, to one mansion of 1825, a commencement city of XX century... and the actors! Ah, I'll explain later! ^ _ ~

Another good news: I made upload of the first rewritten chapter of TPoTH (as I said before). 10 reviews. ^ _ ^ Just to satisfy me. I made time though I couldn't write and in the end, the FF.net accounts doesn't announce when a chapter is replaced.

And about the comments in this blog... hmmm.... now I know because the comments don't appear. I must've missed something in this layout, or perhaps either the server provider. I'll go try and discover that but don't forget that you can send an email to me! kay_juli@yahoo.com.

I'll go now ^ _ ~



OMG! Did you see that, Mirin?! A new TPoTH chapter! My heart was literally pounding against my chest when I read that! I neglected translating for a while and immediately went to check her FF.net account to see!

Lo and behold.

To my surprise, it was the rewritten version of chapter one. ^___^;;

I guess I shouldn't have been TOO surprised. She did, afterall, announce it months ago. XD At least now we know there's progress in KayJuli's writing. XD

I'm so happy! I'm reading it now! To anyone else who reads KayJuli, READ IT! She and psychedelic_aya are the only two FanFiction writers I read nowadays because of my laziness. XD

Btw, sorry bout the translation. It's evidently crappy this time. I desperately neglected translating after reading the line, "What no way! I was just sending an email to all my readers that I posted another chapter for TPoTH!" and obviously rushed to read. Hence, I was distracted even after reading it. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! Oh, and here's the original.

OMG! I just remembered, I'M REPORTING FOR CHEM TOMORROW!!!! (Slash today.) This sucks. I have no acetate! What now? I hope I have materials to improvise.... Garr. this is exactly why I loved last year's schedule.

I'm dying! There's a quiz too, and I haven't studied! I'm definitely gonna fail Chem.

But with KayJuli's new chapter, I guess it's worth it. (WHO AM I KIDDING?! IT ROCKED LIKE HELL! READ IT!!!!) Plus, there's Tsubasa Chronicle to look forward to. XD I just hope I can finish downloading by tomorrow.

I know my priorities are all whacked up, but I'm gonna do my Chem report now. Hmmm.... Two quizzes (Chem and Fil), and two reportings(Chem and Geom). I wonder if I'm gonna sleep tonight.

My mum just caught me, yelled at me for sleeping late again and stormed out the room in frustration. XD I wonder what she's doing right now?

What can I do? I'm a crammer by heart. I work best when I cram. I even consider myself lucky that I remembered my Chem report. See, that's part of the cramming package: You remember cram-worthy stuff you don't think you would. (Wow, I must be that bad of a student to be babbling like this.)

I just hope she doesn't hate that much right now. XD

Mood: crazy
彩psychedelic_aya on July 3rd, 2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
Cramming is one of the things that makes both of us friends. XD LMAO.

I haven't done the THE homework yet, sa school nalang. I can't find food preparation thingies here...

I just remembered at this instant that I need an apron. Oooh...
Bakang Batugankyoy on July 3rd, 2005 05:42 pm (UTC)


No, seriously, what? Are you still there? Yoo-hoo! *proceeds to yming tiff*

Good luck with that apron. XD