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01 February 2012 @ 06:26 am
I've got the worst hangover from you  
This entry will be posted as a list because I realize I have a lot to say but I don't want to be tl;dr and a list will help me avoid that.
  1. It's been more than 40 days since Umag's passing. Attended the mass for her at ADMU and was just a bit late for class. I miss you everyday, dear.
  2. Watched Contraband with Arby and Caesar using complimentary tickets at Trinoma yesterday. Stressful movie (ask Caesar, I pretty much crushed his arm the whole time) but I really enjoyed it. Plus, it was free. My favorite number. Thanks for accompanying me! <3
  3. The reason I'm up at this hour is because I drank some strong shit last night. Epic caffeine, what the hell was in that shit. Still palpitating a bit.
  4. Feeling quite overwhelmed with the amount of Suitors I'm meeting on tumblr lately, Overwhelmed but really happy~
  5. Wondering why people still follow me with all the spam I post. I really do feel guilty sometimes.
  6. Speaking of Suits, I have been spreading the love to everyone. Jill is in love, Donna thinks it's awesome, Arby's excited to start, and Emjay sees why I am so addicted. Feels really great *u*
  7. Long-overdue sleepover with Seatmate and Fgy last Friday. Basically watched a 4-hour concert of SNSD. And I am proud to say that I now know them all by face. I have no idea how long that will last though. We also went on this Exodus to the overrated Jamba Juice place and I got cursed numerous times for it :))
  8. This is the first time I'm using rich-text on lj.
  9. Also, wow. Got a purging notice for one of my random account from lj. They do that now, apparently. That's cool, I guess? For those who wants unused usernames.
  10. Still generally not pleased with lj though.
  11. But I'm still staying. I like looking at my 
  12. I really love our (Shemen's) batch relationship. It's probably normal but I love how we're not all epic close to each other but when we we're together, hanging out is as natural as breathing. Yeah, that came out of nowhere.
  13. Bought a lot of stuff last week. List is here if you're curious.
  15. Ghibli movies on Disney this month every Saturday around 9pm. Line-up is: 4 - Princess Mononoke, 11 - Spirited Away, 18 - Howl's Moving Castle, 25 - The Cat Returns
  16. A Rocket to the Moon (along with The Ready Set, The Summer Set, A+ Dropouts, and Forever The Sickest Kids) is going to perform live here in the Ayala Malls this February omg. I have no idea about the others but judging from the commercial, they have the same style so I'll definitely enjoy this show. Schedule for my reference: 16 - Alabang Town Center, 17 - Glorietta, 18 - Trinoma, 19 - Market Market
  17. Death Cab for Cutie on March 5 too. Better go buy tickets this week while I can.
  18. New series I'm watching: Smash. It is good, I have high hopes for it.
  19. I'm doing that 365 movie challenge thing btw. I'm behind but who cares. I should upload those posters soon.
  20. So while watching Rizal sa Dapitan in class today, all I could think of was Harvey Specter because Rizal was wearing a vest most of the time. I don't even—
  21. The Suits fandom brings me such great joy.
  22. I like looking at my eljay. Must be the Harvey/Mike gif.
I'd end this by saying sth along the lines of "I'll try not to neglect this place so much next time" etc. but you're all probably tired of that and oh look, I just did.

Long day later, I hope I don't pass out.

See you around :)

Lira: happyseikochan on February 1st, 2012 03:54 am (UTC)

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again!

Haha, Rizal in Dapitan is a classic.

I see you've gotten a new moodtheme, too. *3*

See you soon, bb~ ♥
meicdon13 on February 1st, 2012 05:20 am (UTC)