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16 May 2012 @ 03:26 am
Here we are with everything we ever wanted  
This was supposed to be a lot longer, but it's been sitting on my drafts for three days now so I might as well just post it—didn't even edit this in any way. Not important, just thought I should mention that.

Really enjoying Twitter. I remember using that for a while because of Tokio Hotel but I guess ultimately, Suits was the one that got me to stay. I don't plurk much anymore. I used to believe it was because the site used to load so slowly for me but the past two weeks have got me realizing stuff I've been trying to avoid. So yeah, I only go to plurk for private threads now.

Speaking of social networking websites, I really should be more grateful to Facebook. I mean, I dislike the site so much but it's proven to be useful in connecting me with old friends and even relatives I was never close to. Also good for stalking group mates who have time to tag their faces on an album of some 200 pictures but not for the responsibility they signed up for. Fucking asswipes.

I fucking love Suits. I have never been invested in something as much as this. It's sad that I don't get to watch anything else for reasons even I don't understand (paused after Merlin S4E2, I haven't tried Teen Wolf yet, I have Adventure Time now and a lot of various series I always wanted to watch but yeah) I remember ToHo hijacking my fandom life in 2009 but I believe Suits is my one true love.

Sure, the show is giving me unrealistic expectations on love and relationships, it is ruining my life, etc. etc. but one thing I love about loving this show so much is that I get to move past my shallow rage for shit I used to dislike so much. I have found renewed love for the color blue and after a couple or so years, I have forgiven someone I defriended on various social networking sites for demoralizing a good friend. (They're actually a lot more shallow than they sound, really.)

Mood: blah
Music: Wrecking Ball - Lifehouse