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21 July 2005 @ 08:33 pm
Anxiety at it's best.  
Waiting for psychedelic_aya and darkmaestrox to win their bet, I am sitting here bored. They're betting that they can read HP6 faster than the other and whoever wins obviously gets something from the loser. And Hana-chan, as much as I love you and all, I really hope Papaya-chan wins. :D

So while waiting, I am reading Small Gods and drowning myself in internet downloads. Look what I stumbled upon. :D

I'm in Ravenclaw.

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Not so bad. I think that's what fits me anyways.


Hana-chan, Papaya-chan, hurry up, will you?

But I am going to finish Small Gods first. Still at page 40 something and it's really funny. XD Terry Pratchett is so damn funny. :D And I wish I had the ability to read faster.

I was able to read OtRFK yesterday! MUSTBUYOWN. Why does have to cost 900PhP?!

Off-topic, but I was finally able to watch GSD 37-38.

IHATEREY. And Shinn is a stupid loser for believing him. So I hate him more now.

The new OP song sucks. Maybe it's just me, but after Boku Tachi no Yukue, it sucked. Or maybe because I'm just that big of a fan of the previous song, I don't know. I just don't like it. Recycled clips from the previous song is not the way to go either. To give justice to the song, I guess it's okay. Not something I won't get used to. It's just slow and sad compared to Hitomi's song. Oh well.

At least Cagalli looks pretty in her lovely green dress. Yes, that's definitely a plus. Lacus has a new costume too, a lot better than Mia's. And Mwu and Murrue together definitely won my heart. Mwu and Murrue? Whoa, I'm liking this song already. XD

Shinn/Lunamaria moments are more evident now. (IKNEWIT!) They kiss. Enough said. And they get their fair share of off-shoulder nakedness in the opening song too. Plus, Shinn is acting more like Loser Kira did back in the earlier parts of GS, crying all the time. LOL.

Sting makes one last appearance, piloting Destroy but dies for real soon afer. The new EAF missile is cool. And I think I see a Kira/Athrun moment in there. XD There's a slight Cagalli/Athrun but I'm happier with the Kira/Athrun one. XD Whahah.

The new ED song is okay I guess. But I really think that the previous combination was perfect. But beacuse I see another Mwu/Murrue moment, I am happy with it. (They're holding hands! AIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!)

Monik says there's a really small but good Mwu/Murrue moment in 39. She wants to tell me but I asked her not to for spoiler-free reasons. XD Sorry Monik! But thanks so much again!

On a happier note, I just finished downloading Tsubasa Chronicle this morning. It was really fast! I was really surprised too. :D Episode's good. The Jade Arc lasted for three episodes, a bit short compared to Hanshin but hey, that's BeeTrain for you. Sakura/Syaoran moments are kawaii. And the Kurogane/Mokona/Fai family is still as funny.

Especially got intrigued with next's episode preview. I think they skipped Outo and will get on with it a bit later in the story. I still don't have TRC6 so I have no idea what country this is. I know I haven't finished Outo yet but this country looks nothing like Outo. So this could be either Edonis, Sharano or Shurano. The country looks like a traditional Breath of Fire setting with lots of trees and a stadium somewhere. First reminded me of gladiators. Hahah. Something to look forward to. :D

With GSeedDestiny and Tsubasa Chronicle to look forward to, I can't wait for next week. Then there's The Half-Blood Prince too. GARR....

So much for keeping myself busy.

I've only gotten more anxious, darnit.

Mood: anxious
Music: Good Charlotte - The Chronicles of Life and Death