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20 August 2005 @ 01:03 pm
Today is my brother's and cryptaviscus's birthday so before anything else, lemme greet them both a happy birthday.


It was our field trip yesterday and it was loads of fun but I shall post about it later when I'm not feeling too lazy to narrate and post pictures. XD

Anyways, I'm trying a 5-day FREE trial of the BayanTel DSL service right now. And it's really darned fast! 100 MBPS! OHMY. What more could I ask? XD

Sadly, it comes quite expensive. The DSL price itself is just fine but the things we have to buy.... well, if you add them all up, it's quite expensive. That's quite okay, actually. Even my mum sort of agrees. But the fact that I have to go downstairs just so the DSL would connect easily is just too troublesome, I'm having second thoughts. Garrr.

If only that last part was a non-existent problem, I wouldn't even think twice. I'd always rather use the internet in my room but it takes forever to get a good connection in there.... But 100 MBPS! It's so fast!
What should I do? My mum as kind enough to give me the privelege to decide but it's so darned hard. Should I keep it or not? I'm more on keeping the DSL right now, but I'm still not so sure. Any advice?


This is just off-topic, but on a happier note, I found this whole bunch of Wild ARMs links to illust sites I never thought existed. <3 I was depressed at the thought that I'd opened all possible illust sites, but no, there's a whole bunch of sites out there! I love the internet!

And what's even better, the sites load fast, like WHOA! I'm taking advantage of this DSL thing, you see. Muwahah.

But it's hard renaming the files when I don't know the character's names. (Because even when I don't know who the hell these characters are, I still save them anyways. XD) It gets kind of confusing too when I save fanart because there's too much similarities between some of the characters.

Some differences I observed:

Rudy Roughnight (1/F) and Maxi Remington (Flower Thief)
They look so much alike, I love them both. XD

Rudy red/yellow eyes | red vest | red bandanna | bandage on left cheek
Maxi green eyes | red jacket | goggles | has a chicken with him

Jane Maxwell (1/F) and Maya Schroedinger (3)
If it weren't for the surnames, they could be relatives. XD

Jane orange eyes | blue ribbon | french-curled hair by the ears | sleeveless dress | gloveless hands | red shoes
Maya blue eyes | red ribbon | normal hair by the ears | long-sleeved dress | gloved hands | brown boots

Judecca (2) and G (Flower Thief)
Maybe it's just me, but they sort of look alike, ne?

Since I know little about G (or Flower Thief actually), it's basically just the clothes that tell them apart. XD That's how I do it. So whenever the artist draws them in original clothes, that's when I have a problem. XD

Mariel (1/F), Colette (2) and Florina (3)
Green eyes, blonde braided hair, green-striped clothes.... I swear these three are just 1 person. XD

Mariel red hat with animal-like ear muffs | white shawl with designed hem | brown boots
Colette pink hat with pink ear muffs | pink shawl | pink boots
Florina red & white hat with pink knotted ribbons | plain white shawl | fancy-designed boots


So far, I've got around 4000 WA images of illust and doujinshi in my hard drive. (Which reminds me, I'd better start burning them in CDs before they get lost....)I can't wait to save more. XD Whahahah. So happy.

I know I vowed to start a new life but that obviously excludes CCS, TRC and WA relates stuff. (Muwahah.)

Which reminds me, the baseball season in Japan is over! Tsubasa airs again in Japan tonight! XD So excited! And I still have two days of free DSL! Oh yeah! XD

Now if only I didn't have to decide on the DSL thing in five days....

Mood: torn
Music: Coldplay - Speed of Sound
moningdolphink on August 20th, 2005 10:35 am (UTC)
kamukha ni maya c rosette! hehehe...

mag DSL ka na... mas mabilis kang makakapag download ng stuff.. mas mabilis pang mag connect... :D

hope u had fun during the fieldtrip!
Bakang Batugankyoy on August 20th, 2005 12:29 pm (UTC)
Re: rosette
Really? I never noticed! XD But come to think of it, in this illust, she does look like Rosette! :D

Thanks for the advice on DSL! :D But I have yet to decide on Monday, whah. Time flies so fast when you're having fun.

Yep, I definitley had loads of fun during the field trip! :D