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03 May 2005 @ 09:47 pm
When life isn't so good.  
I'm baaaaaaaaack! Didja miss me, miri-chan?

Actually, I got back around 4. Sorry for not blogging sooner. Heheh.

Just to let you know, this isn't my day.

You see, when I came back home, I found dear Raku dying! *screams at the top of her lungs* RAKU IS DYING! RAKU IS DYING!

You obviously haven't met Raku. He's my pet cactus, you see. Sadly, when I glanced by the window to gaze at my beloved pets and bask in their beauty, I noticed Raku dying! *sniffle* So I spent the next two hours tending to my dear cactus. Sure, I may have taken a short break to watch Naruto, but I gave him (and my other pet cacti) their weekly spray, cleaned his pot and all other stuffs that he needed. It was so sad, I hope he recovers soon....

Since I got back, my head feels like its splitting in two. I have a bad cold and my throat hurts like hell. (Maybe I shouldn't have had that chocolate bar...) But I should be used to this by now. After all, this always happens when I sleep in an unknown bed. And the fact that the hotel room was a freezing zero degrees doesn't help either. Argh!

And when I watched the recorded tape, I didn't find my shows! WAH! Some other shows appeared. Gar. I missed three shows I've been avidly watching! ARGH! *calms down* Oh well. (Mental Note: Check possible replays in the near future.) It's only television. Not like I missed TC or anything....

Plus, to make things worse, BitTorrent is taking its precious time downloading the 4th TC episode.

I'm dying.

Dropped by Little Wolf's blog a while ago to see how the 4th episode was, but he didn't update yet. *sighs*

What's gonna happen after Sakura wakes up? How will Syaoran react? Will the presence and impact of the beloved panels be forever smeared under the unexpected changes the anime is going through?

I need to know! Must download episode. Must watch it. Mou, hurry up, BT!

Oh well, I may have had better days but I've also had worse. So this isn't so bad. Besides, I'm sure it'll get better! *suddenly optimistic*

Mood: wasted....stupid headache!
Music: unknown song from Syaoran's memory
(Anonymous) on May 3rd, 2005 01:36 pm (UTC)
raku is dying... raku is dying...

maybe the FAT caterpillars are starting to feast on ur cacti...

btw, i bought u something... and i haven't bought tiff anything since she told me... "anything is really alright"..but i told her not to tell me that >:( meanie...

i have a lavalamp... well..sorta... it's a dolphin! and the thingies inside are like electic stuffies that when u hold the glass, it follows ur fingers...cool...

and oh yeah... i bought a new phone... im leaving my old phone(that lasted for only 1 year in my hands)...

get better... okay? :D
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 3rd, 2005 01:58 pm (UTC)
Re: moning
maybe the FAT caterpillars are starting to feast on ur cacti...

Hush! Don't say words like that! It might come true! Heheh.

I think I know what kind of lavalamp your talking about! Me and Tiff saw something like that in Megamall once, but it wasn't in the shape of a dolphin though. Lol.

get better... okay?

Thanks for caring! :D But I'm not really sick. I'm just not feeling well at the moment. *wonders to herself* Did I really sound sick in the entry? Lol.