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09 October 2005 @ 01:43 pm
Still not enough time  
Went to darkmaestrox's house yesterday to do our Chem project. (And it took us a pretty long and hard time to look for her house.) Her room is pink and pink--not pink and peach as she claims it is. 8 hours was what we had and all we accomplished was wrapping the whole 1/2 illustration board in foil and ordering psychedelic_aya around.

Stolen from darkmaestrox:
I spilled Pepsi on the floor and Papaya needed to wipe the puddle under the rocking chair I was sitting on.
Papaya: Alis dyan.
Me: Sa chair?
Papaya: Hindi, sa buhay ko.
The best. ROTFLMAO.

We kept ordering Hana around. But Papaya claims I did most of the ordering.
Me: Sacla, pakuha nun. *points to wrapper on floor*
Papaya: Say the magic words.
Me: Tiff, Pakuha.
Hana: *gets the wrapper*
See? Mission accomplished. Magic words indeed.

Want more? Too lazy to type. Typed enough at Papaya's house. Go to darkmaestrox's blog instead. I typed one entry for us three there.

While we were lost in the wilderness:
Me: Gusto mo, tawagan ko na si Sacla?
Fetcher: *looks around* Hindi rin naman natin alam kung nasan tayo eh. Anong sasabihin mo? "Sacla, nandito tabi kami ng gubat, saan dito bahay mo?"
By "gubat" btw, my fetcher means the big lot of wild carabao grass and unknown plants.

This is because we are lazy, we are crammers, we are darkmaestrox & kyoy and we are partners. Papaya, we'd better finish something on Monday or I will lose the ability to feel superior and proud with our cramming skills.

Went to Ja9 and Sevvy's Winter Wonderland after the "project-making" too. It was fun. Hana and I were dropped off at Podium.

Waited for the rest to come so we could go to the party together. Seatmate gave me the free pen she got at Toy Kingdom. Been seeing them recently and just so happy I got one. XD

Also had the joy of playing with those singing wildflowers at Watson's. I want one. (Hana, have I told how I don't want an 8-ball anymore? I want a singing wild[sun]flower from Watson's instead. And I want one now. XDXDXDXD)

Since it was raining, and we were walking, Seatmate Anne bought jacketless Denden and Rach a P399 umbrella that wouldn't even open for dear Rach. By the time we were crossing the street, there wasn't even a raindrop in sight. Nice, no?

Both celebrants were pleasantly surprised when we got there. Probably didn't think we were coming. Hum. I still owe you guys gifts. XD Just make do with my love for now. So sorry we couldn't stay longer. :)

Hana, don't feel bad that we dropped you off at Gateway. We would have never forgave ourselves if we dropped you on some random street. (A tempting thought actually. Hahah. Kidding. XDXD)

Hana left her balloon in our car so now I have two silver balloons.

Oh and because I seem to have time to do this but not the things I planned, from ayaluki:

Guess that Friend

You have a total of 31 friends
You requested to guess 31 entries.
4 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 27 guesses.
You got 25 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 92% correct.

So many things to do yet here I am thinking how much I wanna watch The Corpse Bride. Really, I do.

POSTCRIPT: Still haven't mustered enough strength to get the other half of my slipper. justhoopla, I can't believe we're the same!

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princess1689anne_delfin on October 9th, 2005 03:40 am (UTC)
seatmate! keess!!:D
drkmasterdarkmaestrox on October 9th, 2005 05:17 am (UTC)
and yet you never left... the chair even!


lets do chem ok? something to be proud of...
dark_depthdark_depth on October 10th, 2005 08:22 am (UTC)
... somehow i am glad na wala ako... maawa lang ako kay tiff... and that is bad...

dark_depthdark_depth on October 10th, 2005 08:32 am (UTC)
... the guess that friend sucked... so what if i only have 6 friends and i read all their blogs?
Mjvermicide on October 10th, 2005 10:07 am (UTC)
corpse bride is wonderful!
princess1689anne_delfin on October 10th, 2005 10:23 am (UTC)
psst! i posted ur pics na!