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13 October 2005 @ 04:32 am
School rant  
I (finally) finished my Parish Involvement last night. Yay for me! (Stayed up late again because of the distracting force that is the internet--I found a new SakuraXSyaoran illust site!) There's not really a lot of projects to do--
  • Parish Involvement (Friday)
  • Poem Analysis (Friday)
  • Element Poster (Monday)
  • Chem News Reporting (Monday)--Thanks very muchly for taking my place, tenaciousdin!
  • Recipes
--But I still want to whine. Though that news reporting is for next week, the news is to be submitted is due today. And I'm too lazy to research right now. Nice no?

At least me and Papaya seem to be progressing on that Element Poster. Seem to be. XD

I got my Chem and Trigo yesterday. Not bad. justhoopla, please feel better. Sir gives a lot of considerations, you know. :)

And as for Phys Ed? Urk--XDXDXD S'okay, I guess. I got the lowest, I think. And when I told my mum-- "ANO?! Ay teka, P.E. 'to diba? Ayus lang. Ganyan ka naman sa P.E. eh." XDXDXDXD At least she's accepted the fact that I am and will never be physically fit to shake my hips and dance the hula. Papaya and I signed up for that Intrams Documentation. Incentives when you're the lowest is the way to go. XD

We changed seating arrangements in Chem. And gay of a faggot Sir put us in groups. What is this madness? You're breaking our friendship, Sir. I just do not get your logic at all. At least I'm seating next to frio69. Laughtrip galore. tenaciousdin is on the other side of the stupid aisle he made up. Yayness. And darkmaestrox's somewhere near behind me. No comment. XD

We changed the seat plan in Chem. Does that mean we'll change the seat plan in the classroom as well? But I love my place--Rach, Denice, Papaya and Myca are the people surrounding me. Avery, Mandee, Abby, Bebang, Denden, Pines and Ally are very much nearby too. We are a happy place. :( I do hope our adviser extends our seatplan for at least this month. Not too much to ask, no?

My mum is leaving tomorrow and I have still yet to print those recipes. *adds recipes to list* She doesn't want to look like she knows nothing in cooking when she was the one who taught our all-around cook in the first place. Or so she says.

darkmaestrox, you left your Killers CD in Mr. Bourne and I left my Lifehouse somewhere in your house. I can't believe I remembered this just now when I realized this the moment I stepped in the car. (I was too lazy to turn back.) If you're up and reading this, bring it today, ok? Let's trade.

POSTSCRIPT: xxxHOLiC TO BE ANIMATED! OMEGAWDWTFHISTMSLBHWEJKLGF?! Read this for a more coherent and informative post.

With Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1 ending on Saturday, I have another reason to live, something to look forward to every week again. Oh rapture, oh joy indeed.

Mood: excited
Music: Lifehouse - Only One
彩psychedelic_aya on October 13th, 2005 07:22 am (UTC)

POSTSCRIPT: xxxHOLIC TO BE ANIMATED! OMEGAWDWTFHISTMSLBHWEJKLGF?! Read this for a more coherent and informative post.


SAdjksahdjksahdjsadASJDHJKSA!!!, indeed!

*hyperventilates and dies*