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19 October 2005 @ 06:12 pm
A lot of.... things  
The CD that Seatmate gave me is love. <33 Thanks again. XD (Are you getting tired of the word?)

This new lovely icon of love from dear psychedelic_aya is love as well. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! *hughug* SakuraXSyaoran--The ultimate OTP.

Things I want to finish but am too lazy to: Good luck with that.
  • KayJuli update entry

  • Fanlistings post

  • Arrange my bookshelf

  • Fix my locker
  • - But then, I'm paying someone else to do that. (Yes, I am that lazy)
  • Repot my cacti

  • Fix the CD burner program
  • - I heard my calling twice from frio69 and dark_depth
  • Reorganize and rename my illust files
  • - Yes, I'm actually getting lazy even with this. :(
  • Search for more illust

  • Terry Pratchett books and other various books I bought

  • Learn to play the harmonica

  • Get the Beep lyrics from Wowowee for D
  • Make a cool layout for Mirin

  • Things I ought to return right now: XD
  • Hana's 16 DVDs which I borrowed last year
  • - So sorry, haven't watched at least one.
  • Sevvy's Hitchhiker's DVD
  • - Haven't watched it either. So ashamed.
  • Seatmate's Furuba 7, 8, 10
  • - Haven't read one yet! OHNO.
  • Hana's manga
  • - New rule: No Sunshine AND TF20--No manga.
  • Krinkle's Wallflower 1
  • - Haven't read it either, sorry again.

    Things I ought to get back soon: *nudgenudge*
  • Money
  • - ahempsychedelic_ayaahemshizojunkieahem. Was never good with demanding back debts, sorry. XD
  • White shirt from Hana

  • Black shirts from Papaya and Myca

  • CDs from Hana

  • Pillow from Hana

  • - It's my turn now so hurry!

    Things I bought last Mega-Sale day: And to think I spent so little.
  • P50 harmonica
  • - Yes, I can hear the screams of "DREAM STEALERS!!!!" from dear Papaya just about now
  • Black shirt

  • 2 posters-- 1 CCS and 1 TRC

  • A red spray bottle
  • who is now named BeezlebubCrowley
  • 3 cacti pots

  • Halina sa Parokya CD

  • Invisible pen and light goodie from Toy Kingdom

  • Cross 4 for Hana

  • People I met last outreach: Last Saturday adventure.
  • Narom
  • - Little 3-month old baby who hasn't blinked for 7 minutes since we started the staring contest. He is officially our glomp-kid. We are definitely coming back for you!
  • Narom's mother
  • - Kind Filipina-looking girl who was amused and happy with our playfulness with Narom.
  • Narom's hot father
  • - Dark and handsome Arabic-looking loving father of the cutest little baby on earth.
  • Mark
  • - Little birthday toddler who wouldn't let us inside at the beginning but won't let us go in the end
  • Cristy
  • - Little girl with curly locks who's scheduled to leave the hospital last Sunday. Yay for her, ne?
  • Mayumi
  • - One-month old girl who has a thick mop of hair on her head. So cute.
  • Lauren
  • - Little poking boy who pokes everything he sees. He can actually rival Krinkle. XD

    People I did not see last outreach:
  • Myca
  • - You should've been there!

    People I should get Bday gifts ASAP: (Did I not post this before? XD)
  • Kamatis

  • Monik

  • Sevvy

  • Ja9

  • Krinkle

  • Bau

  • Things I should be doing instead of this entry: Surprisingly, not much stress this day. Only loads of boredom.
  • Geom homework

  • Rewrite Chem notes

  • Lots of lists to strike-out when I can. I wonder how long it will take for me to cross out everything?

    POSTSCRIPT: Tsubasa 26 is still not out. I guess you were wrong, darkmaestrox. There's no news on the web why and this is me trying my best to be apathetic about this.

    Mood: apathetic
    Music: Eels - Love of the Loveless
    彩psychedelic_aya on October 19th, 2005 09:40 am (UTC)
    Reading this, I realized:

    You have a lot of belongings that are with me. XDXDXD LMAO. Does it go likewise? *muttersDVDsmutter*


    I'm glad the icon worked! <3<3<3 Yay.
    Bakang Batugan: Specialkyoy on October 19th, 2005 09:50 am (UTC)
    You don't really care about them DVDs 'cept for the Naruto ones anyways! Besides, I want my CDs and pillow back!

    Yay for the icon, indeed! Thanks so much!

    POSTSCRIPT: Didja read the bit there about Sunshine? That is how much I want it, Hana. >___< Give me Sunshine now.
    princess1689anne_delfin on October 19th, 2005 10:34 am (UTC)
    tom ha..race is