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05 May 2005 @ 10:48 pm
The Innocent Wanderer - More TC Ramblings.  

I finally downloaded the 4th episode!

Prepare yourself, Mirin. This will obviously be a long one. Spoiler and Fangirl Overload.

Btw, I'm deciding to cut it so it won't seem long. ("Seem" is the keyword. But in all actuality, it's my longest entry so far. XD)

Whahahahah! It was so good! I love this episode! Not much SakuSyao moments but Sakura-chan was just so cute and Syaoran was just so *sighs and drools*. This was mostly a Sakura-centered episode, very meaningful though. I loved it!

One of the things I love about this episode that they made Sakura look so cute! She was so innocent, wandering around town (Hence the title, LOL.) She actually reminded me of Sakura-chan from CCS. *pulls a Tomoyo-chan* Kawaii!

So fun! It brought so many CCS memories too. Like in the beginning, when Sakura was trying out some clothes to use to go out. There was a whole pile of clothes scattered in the room! I was actually surprised where it all went when Arashi entered the room. The last dress she tried on before changing into her chosen clothes even looked like one of Tomoyo-chan's creations during Sakura-chan's cardcapting days. And the school uniform she tried on looked exactly like her school uniform when she was older in CCS VOL 12.

The way she was so dense too, not knowing she was being kidnapped and all made me remember Sakura-chan from CCS again. LOL.

It would be nice though if they drew Sakura-chan chibi in some ways. But I guess they wanted the viewers to see how great Sakura-chan's nature is. (But I don't see how they can't do that in chibi. Hahah, contradicting myself. XD)

The episode was lighter than usual too, not much shonen action (In fact, none at all.) So I guess it was sort of a breather episode, heheh.

Takoyaki Scene:

Kuro-rin: How do you eat takoyaki?
Vendor: Well, you put them in your mouth and chew.
Kuro-rin: *enraged* You think I'm an idiot or something?!
Vendor: I don't think you're stupid, I'm just trying to help.


Letter Scene:

The fatso and his rookie come back to their hideout to find their members gone. But they find a letter: XD

We've run out of patience watching
the boss get beaten over and over again.
We can not saty in the gang any longer.
We have all left.
Please don't search for us.
--The Entire Team

LOL. Kulang na lang, sa ending may: With love, The Entire Team

Whahah! If it wasn't so dramatic, I would've been laughing my head off but the fatso was emoting, crying real tears! (Actually, this only made me laugh more, LOL.) Yes, real tears! Not the Ala-Naruto tears you'll see when all the ramen is gone. REAL TEARS. That's how much of a sad case he is. I actually felt a tinge of pity for him. XD

There was also this short bit on Kuro-rin stuffing a sleeping Mokona in his unusually large pocket. (Where the hell did that come from?) Heheh. Fai was complaining that Mokona was kinda heavy, LOL. But, if Kuro-rin didn't do that, they would have seen Mokona's eyes go 'Mekyo'. Oh well. Then again, if Kuro-rin didn't, the story would be shorter. Ne, miri-chan?

I didn't like the fact that the the fatso turned in a new leaf though. It didn't seem right... I dunno. Oh well. The scene was sort of dramatic and sappy too. Oh well. That's actually Sakura-chan's influence, to show how she changes people.

Of course, with Sakura-chan wandering alone, Syaoran goes off to find her. *sighs* Aww, so sweet! Syaoran is so perfect for her! Not to mention, he looked absolutely gorgeous when he was worried about Sakura-chan.

When he finds her, he sees her high up a construction site with Shougo-san. At this point, Sakura-chan suddenly jumps off the site. (Note that this is definitely a SakuSyao momment. And no, I am not being pathetic, Mirin. She obviously reacted when she felt Syaoran's presence in the area! Hah!)

Of course, Syaoran jumps off to catch her. *fangirl squeal* This scene actually made me laugh cos when Syaoran caught Sakura-chan in front of the big red glowing moon, it reminded me of that little girl in ET, flying her bike in front of the giant moon. Yeah, I know, weird. But that's what I thought! Either way, Syaoran was cool!

Unfortunately, Sakura-chan was unconscious when Syaoran caught her so they haven't seen each other yet. (The panels may still live! Long live the panels!)

Oh, and Primera-chan makes an appearance. She spies on Shougo-san and fumes when she sees him with Sakura-chan. (I don't blame her, though. As cool as Shougo-san is, Syaoran should've been the one with Sakura-chan. Not him.) I don't like Primera-chan's colors though. Her hair was green (I always thought it was red or pink) But that didn't bother me much. That's probably her original color from MKR anyways, I wouldn't know though. What bothered me was that her colors seemed dull for her vibrant attitude. Oh well. I'll get used to it.

The next scene was about the group talking in the room. (Sakura-chan's still asleep.) The unknown song plays again at this point and it's stuck in my head again. I'm dubbing it the "Sakura and Syaoran Theme Song" until I find the real title of the song. Since it usually plays when Syaoran thinks about Sakura-chan or when they have a moment.

The episode ends with Syaoran promising Sakura-chan that he would get her feathers back for sure. No cliffhanger there so I was satisfied. But the episode preview showed Syaoran's flashback on little Sakura getting sick!

A sign of the panel impact! The panels live on! All is not lost! Whahahahahahah! I need to watch it! Must watch it!

The panels await! I can't wait for Sunday. Aren't you so excited, miri-chan?

"She has a kindness that makes other people's heart seek new light. That is Sakura-chan's true nature."

Aya-chan, Yuko-chan, If you're reading at least this last line: Punta kayo sa bahay ko! Gusto ko ipakita sa inyo lahat ng episodes! I need to babble more!

Mood: fulfilled
Music: Sakura and Syaoran Theme Song