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06 May 2005 @ 03:30 am
More Ramblings.  
With nothing really to do, I watched every TC episode again. It was fun. Got to see every episode all over again. After watching, I noticed how I didn't notice Miyuki-chan anywhere. Maybe she's not in the anime? Hmm...I shall check on this.

Then I remembered checking for reviews. I went by Little Wolf's blog but still no update. Ah, oh well. Must be busy with his forums.

Bored again.

Then I remembered to check chibiyuuto-san's blog for more updates. Guess what I found? He had an episode review! I guess he does reviews too. I should've known. It was a good review too. He had screenshots and lots of info. But what amazed me was the analysis he made on the episode. Wow. He has really good thoughts and comments and he made me realize many things! YEAH!

I think fans should read it. So they should go check ChibiYuuto's Review. It's really great. His review will also make you think a lot. Cool, no? He's a pretty big CLAMP fan too. So his blog is loaded with goodies. LOL.

Then, after a visit to his blog, I remembered that my mum already bought me a Portuguese-English dictionary. Meaning I can finally translate KayJuli's blog without being totally dependent on the internet. Meaning, I have found something to do! ....Then I check the time to see it's past 3 in the morning. XD

No wonder I feel so tired. Must've spent the time watching episodes and thinking of what to do. Time flies quickly no? Even when you're not really having fun.

I guess I'm gonna have to translate tomorrow--err later, I mean. I'm looking forward to it though.

Night, mirin. (Or morning, whatever....)

Mood: fascinated
Music: Sakura and Syaoran Theme Song