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09 May 2005 @ 01:23 am
DatteBayo FAQ.  
Been busy lately so I haven't been blogging. You must've been relieved, huh? LOL.

What have I been up to?

I've been downloading....
Tsubasa Chronicle 5. (BTU: 11.2%)
Naruto Movie Trailer. (Aya's influence. It's only 26 MB anyways.)
Advent Children Trailer. (I want my own saved copy too! XD)
Loads of scans and wallpapers off MiniTokyo. (Level 10! Yeah, take that!)
Loop (Full Version) by Maaya Sakamoto. (Done. Her voice rocks!)

I've also been....
Translating KayJuli's blog. (Not, much, actually. I'm too distracted by MiniTokyo at the moment)
And rearranging my folders in my hard drive. (As my friends would know, I have LOADS of folders and EVEN MORE subfolders. And I've decided to complile some.)

Plus, it was Mother's Day today.

Happy Mother's day to my mom!

I'm in a hurry too. So this'll be short. (Hah, riiiight.)

I was browsing through scarywater's torrents to check which ones translate TC and I dropped by DatteBayo's webpage. First of all, DatteBayo is a fansubs group that translates Naruto. I was surprised they actually worked with Live-eviL to translate TRC. But I'm not complaining. XD

I landed in their FAQ page and it was really funny (for me, at least) I'm deciding to post it here so you can see too, mirin. It's kinda long though.

Enjoy. (I did.)

1. Is Naruto licensed?
Yes, it is. As of February 19 2005. Now you heard it. If you ask this question in the channel, the feedback, or anywhere else we can track you down, you will be BANNED immediately.

2. So what's the deal with Azureus 2.3? Why does using it get me banned?
New Azureus has a feature known as decentralized tracking, which allows the client to function in the event the tracker dies.... (More on website.)

3. What happened between you guys and Anime-Heaven?
We didn't like the way things were run over there, so we left to start our own group. We did NOT leave because we wanted money, or for any other stupid reason.

4. It seems to me that Naruto says "dattebayo" a lot. What does it mean?
It means, "I'm gay."
Actually it means nothing at all. It's just something random that Naruto adds onto the end of almost all of his lines to annoy us.

5. When does Naruto air?
Naruto airs on Wednesday at 7:27pm JST (Japan Standard Time).

6. What time is that where I live?

7. When will the episode be out?
We generally release within 20 hours of airing. It varies somewhat from week to week. If you ask us this in the channel, you will be BANNED.

8. Why will I be banned for asking about release times?
o Because it's annoying.
o Because it distracts us from actually working on the episode.
o Because it's rude.
o Because we're providing you a free service and we'll release whenever we damn well please.
o Because we said so.
o Because every time you do a ninja cuts off a kitten's head and doesn't even care.

9. I got banned. My life is over. What do I do?
You fucked up. You are banned. Now is your chance to cool down and try to rejoin the channel in 2 hours, when the ban will automatically expire. Messaging ops about removing the ban will only extend it. If you wish to get unbanned before 2 hours, you may choose to write a 1000 word (minimum) essay about what was wrong with your actions before you got banned. Submitting this essay to one of the ops might get you unbanned earlier.

10. What do you all do?
Try reading the credits. It makes us feel good.

11. Can I become a part of DB?
Currently we are only recruiting translators, so unless you are a translator, the answer is no. We are always looking for Japanese to English translators.... (More on website.)

12. The video doesn't play! I fail it!
We recommend you using XviD and latest Media Player Classic to play our releases. Read the "How to get Naruto" guide for more information. If you complain about playback issues in the channel, you will be BANNED.

13. Can I help serve/seed/provide a bot?
You are free to set up an fserve in the channel, however it must be silent and respond to !list. You don't automatically get a voice for serving, so don't bug us. If you want to help seed or set up a bot, talk to interactii (or timecop if you're brave). Also, asking the ops if "you can seed" will likely get you banned. You don't need our permission to seed. Download the torrent and have at it. If it takes you more than few hours to download our releases, your "seeding" ability is probably not worth wasting our valuable time on.

14. Why don't you have bots in your channel?
Most bots suck. We don't want bots that we don't have access to, because we don't want to end up with rogue bots that we have no way to turn off. Most people who are willing to provide bots are not willing to provide us access to them. Also BitTorrent kicks ass.... (More on website.)

15. What are you talking about? BitTorrent sucks.
Just because you don't know how to use it doesn't mean it sucks.

16. I'm a n00b, what is BT?

17. Can I have a voice/hop?
If you have to ask, the answer is no.

18. I heard a rumor that some of you are girls, is that true?
Of course not, there are no girls on the intarweb.

How was it?

Personal favourites: 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, and 13. But I really loved 8 & 9 the most. XD Feels as though you're being scolded by your mom and being punished in school at the same time. LOL. I loved it every time it read the magic words, "You will be BANNED." I wonder who wrote this FAQ? I'm a big fan of him. XD He was probably frustrated from getting whiny hate mails. Oh well. I'm glad I don't complain. (LOL.) I wouldn't wanna be BANNED. (ROTFL.)

I appreciate their work though. Imagine, being able to update within 20 hours after airing time! That's actually amazing if you ask me. Also because they're doing Tsubasa Chronicle. XD (And a pretty darned great job, if I may add.)

Anyhow, that's all I wanted to share with you today, mirin. I can't stay long though, have lots to download right now. (Pity my poor computer.)

Mood: Relieved I'm not BANNED.
Music: Loop by Maaya Sakamoto
(Anonymous) on May 9th, 2005 02:32 am (UTC)
kanina pumunta kami dun sa buffet(asian).. tapos nakakita ko dun sa mga kasama ng sushi... SASHIMI-_-...

my new phrase: "that is so eeww-ilicious"

i mean... really... it looks so... EEWWWW

i bought a lavalamp... hehehe... it's PINK
彩psychedelic_aya on May 10th, 2005 04:28 am (UTC)
YAY for the TRC and Naruto goodness from Dattebayo. Muwahahahah. XD Also, did Naruto move its time? Its 5:00 na, ne? Or still 5:30? XD

I think papayagan ako sa Fri. XD Is that okay? I'll be bringing Naruto da movie (it rocked!) and TF19. XD HAHAHAH, SACLA, BE READY!

Bakang Batugankyoy on May 10th, 2005 12:25 pm (UTC)
Pwede kah sa Friday? Yeah! can't wait, sana payagan si Sacla and I hope you two make it on time. (More stories for me to read, hahah.) And yes, I'd love to watch Naruto. And we can also watch TRC too! XD

I'm glad you enjoyed the FAQ. LOL. Yep, Naruto moved. But you already know that, right? :D

And congrats on the popcorn-flavoured jellybeans! Masarap ba?