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30 March 2006 @ 10:42 pm
Good times  
This is mostly an entry about Marvin, the mummy toy I boughtmet last Holloween season at the SM Department Store. But before I babble about what happened today that made me so happy--

Oh fellow cow who is now as old as I am. Muahahah.
Ngayon hindi mo na ako pwedeng tawaging gurang dahil ikaw rin ay gurang na! XP

--let me babble more about him.

Marvin, as I met him last year was picked out by jileh, birthday girl, over a blobby skeleton that could've been named Sylvester (blame Looney Toons for rubbing off on me that day). She picked out Marvin because he was a mummy and felt that mummies should be more blobby than a skeleton. (Which really makes a lot of sense.)

So I purchasedadopted him and we've been together ever since.

But throughout the months I've had him, he always gets lost.

For example, in the school fair, I put Marvin in a pocket of my bag I felt wasn't tight enough to hold him but put him there anyway because I wanted him to have some air. (I am delusional like that. Don't ask.) We went off on the car to go to school and about 5 streets away from our village, I realized Marvin was gone. So I frantically asked to go back to the house and he was lying in front of the driveway, waiting for me.

Then there's the Noli presentation. I brought Marvin and Pablo for luck. Thorughout the chaos and turmoil with two neighboring classrooms having their play on the same day, he got lost. I was panicky but did not make a big deal out of it because I thought I would't see him anymore and told myself to get over it. (Which I really didn't because I kept whining to my friends every now and then.) A week (or 2 weeks, can't remember anymore) later, Jilleh said that she had Marvin all along. Again, I found him.

There are also the random moments when Marvin got into the hands of Sir Melo. (Well, he's amused by the mummy, can't blame him.) Many many times, Marvin gets lost with one of the Tren people but I always get him back.

So given all these coincidences, I felt it was fate that Marvin always finds his way to me.

This morning, I brought Marvin with me even though I had no bag. I remember him being inside the taxi on the way to the mall (because I kept slapping darkmaestrox on her arm with him for no apparent reason) I also remembered him being at Kultura, the first store me and Papaya went to when we got there. Afterwards, I have no memory of him anymore. Of the half day and 10+ stores we window-shopped in, I only realized this when I was in the car, on my way home. (Yes, I know, stupid me.)

I started panicking. I kept whining to my brother, called Papaya and psychedelic_aya to tell them about it, pestered everyone in the house about my mournings. I felt sad. With all the losses and findings between me and Marvin, I felt depressed at the thought that I may have finally lost him. Popochi told me she'd accompany me to the mall again tomorrow after recognition and the distribution of report cards before going to anne_delfin's house but I did not feel assured.

So I called the mall and asked for the various telephone numbers of the stores we went to. After crossing out Kultura, I called the 2nd store we visited, Comic Alley. As soon as I asked about him, the guy mentioned that yes, he was there and yes, I can pick him up tomorrow!

I was so happy, I was crying. I can really get attached to my possessions and I was really attached to Marvin. XD Of all the odds that I could no longer find him, I did.

And my brother still thinks it was sheer luck. Maybe it is. But yay, Marvin must be really special or at least something to keep coming back to me! :D

And there, I just wanted to share my little joys and pathetic sorrows with you all. XD

YAY MARVIN! I hope there never comes a time when I really lose you for good. I have to take better care of you from now on. XD

Thank you, Papaya and Popochi for helping me in the brief moment of pathetic distress! ^^;;

Oh, and MJ for the Marvin pictures. (Even though I didn't ask for permission. XD)

Besides the highlight of my day that is Marvin, I went to school to meet Jilleh for her birthday lunch thing to find out I was a club awardee! XD First time to get an award this High School year so I feel happy about that, never been at the recognition before. XD

I finally got to buy Future Soundscape I after months and months of going back to Comic Alley to check. Last stock too! I'm glad I made it.

Me and Papaya walked some more and bought Popochi Chrno Crusade 7. I'm excited for the ending. Only one more volume to go. XD

Also, my yayas are back from vacation so we can now live in our house again! My parents are gonna keep staying at that condo until they rent it out though. (They like it there. XD) I feel so stupid to have left Mr. Bourne all the way at Makati. x.x My mother's gonna drop him off for me at school tomorrow though so no big deal. But I'm really psyched about being back home. :D

And tomorrow's the get-together at Seatmate's place so that should be fun. :D

The only thing that worries me now is my report card. x.x Getting it tomorrow, I hope my grades are okay. (The DD results were supposedy posted already but I didn't see it. They said it was disappointing because a lot of former DD people were removed. I know I'm one of them. But there's still a little hope I got to at least make it to one DD class. x.x)

Ah school, there's always something depressing about it. x.x

"A Coincidence is a part of Fate."
--Virginia Maxwell, Wild ARMs 3website stats

Mood: really really happy
Music: A Tiny Sunshine - Kaijura Yuki
Location: Brother's room (Mr. Bourne is way back in Makati. x.x)
moningdolphink on March 31st, 2006 12:03 am (UTC)
waaah! nasa mega ka kahapon?! nandun din kami! pati sila monique and jamie nandun rin.. hahaha!

Congrats on the club award thingy! :D

I'm so happy for you! you found marvin!
Bakang Batugankyoy on March 31st, 2006 11:19 am (UTC)
Sayang naman, hindi tayo nagkita! XD

Thanks! :D

I know, me too! XD We are fated! Fated, you hear! XD
sm16sm16 on March 31st, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)
amazing kyoy XD you sure have luck with your objects ^^
Bakang Batugan: SQUEE~kyoy on March 31st, 2006 11:20 am (UTC)
I know! Naawa siguro si Lord kasi ang attached ko sa kanila. XD
彩: Sakura - Paparazzi Scandalpsychedelic_aya on April 1st, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC)
I love that Virginia line. ♥ It is liek whoa love.

And yes, you and Marvin must be meant to be. Wahahaha.