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12 May 2005 @ 02:26 am
Tsubasa Chronicle keeps rocking my world! XD  
I finally downloaded it and I just have to say,


OMG! (Déjà vu? LOL.)

I agree with chibiyuuto-san. I think it was perfect too! (sure, they may still be some flaws, but that’s besides the point, ne?) I’m loving the anime more and more with every new episode that comes out! XD It always ends up surprising me!

I love the fact that Sorata and Arashi’s rough relationship wasn’t deleted. (Laughs at big bulk on Arashi’s head. XD) And the fact that Miyuki-chan was there! I sort of expected she would appear though, since every other CLAMP creation was present in the previous episodes. I almost missed her though, she ran through the screen so quickly I almost didn’t recognize her. Of course, after watching the episode the second time, I was sure it was her. Thumbs up to Bee-Train for that. I liked that they preserved the idea of making Miyuki-chan’s appearance subtle. :D

Oh, and they showed the memory alright! It was at the beginning though, but I have no complaints otherwise. XD There were apples in the first scene. I think they were in CG. I was hungry when I watched it so they looked really good to eat. LOL. Little Sakura looked so cute when she pouted on the Keigo stuff. Her voice was kawaii! Yayay. Little Syaoran didn’t change much though, his face still looked like Present Syaoran. Reminded me of copy-paste of Grown Lou in UFO baby. :( Not good, I was expecting a kiddie Syaoran. But he still looks glompish so… *glomps*

The memory scene was great. And Sakura-chan telling Syao-chan to be the first one she would see when she wakes up made me feel sad. (The panels! *cries*)

Then there was the part on Mokona and Masayoshi-kun getting kidnapped. When they couldn’t understand each other, Fai-san and Kuro-rin’s dialects still sounded Japanese to me. The subtitles were written differently though. LOL.

And Mokona was just so kawaii! *glomps*. Seiyuu’s obviously great. The way she was singing so ignorantly and cheerfully up high was just so cute! LOL. Masayoshi looks pitiful though. Well, he WAS kidnapped so…

If Mokona was cute, Primera-chan was equally cute! Her seiyuu’s good too! Gawd, I love their voices! I love her expressions, she always looks so pouty. The way she was punishing her rookies was hilarious too. XD Her colors still seem a bit dull but I didn’t really mind, I’ll surely get used to it anyways. Plus, her attitude was just perfect! And her expressions were great!

Her Kudan transforming into a stand reminded me of Sakura’s wand transforming fully even in the manga. Seeing it animated just reminds me of it more. XD I was a bit disappointed with the absence of Primera-chan’s fans though. :( That bit in the manga would’ve been nice to see animated. But I guess that would only make the episode longer than needed. *sigh* They did mention that she had fans but that just wasn’t the same…

Fai-san looks good in the eyecatch too. It’s a new artwork I think. I never seen him dressed like that before. The accessories are awesome though! :D What made me laugh was the fact that they spelled his name
"Fay" XD I know Fai and Fye but never heard of Fay. Oh well. Another minor change in the anime, I guess.

Primera-chan and Fai-san’s battle was awesome too. I liked Fai-san’s Kudan. I think it looked awesome. And when Syaoran’s Kudan appears later in the episode, I think it looked better. Maybe because it’s more solid or maybe because I’ve just gotten used to it. LOL. It’s too bad they cut the scene on Primera-chan’s weird tongue-twisters. Oh well again.

I liked the way Fai-san was evading Primera-chan’s attacks so effortlessly. He looked kawaii. LOL. Syaoran’s comment on it makes me wonder again how Syaoran seems to know so much about fighting. Like everytime he protects Sakura-chan, he’s really good at it. Especially with that guy in Koryo with his injured foot. How could be so good at fighting when he was just an archeologist? Hmm… more intrigues on Syaoran’s past. XD

The Shougo-san and Primera-chan moments were cute too. I like the way they fight and thje way Shougos-san’s eyebrow twitches was funny. Shougo-san’s part time job made me laugh too. I think in the anime they’re already a couple (Were they already a couple in the manga? Not really sure, I think it was only Primera-chan one-sided…*scans manga*) because they wave sweetly at each other on some part. When poor Syaoran saw them he remembered his childhood memory. Awww, poor Syaoran.

Oh and another change I noticed in the anime: More outside people know about Sakura-chan’s feather a.k.a. Masayoshi-kun and Shougo-san. Weird, no?

Soon after, Syaoran’s newly improved Kudan and Shougo-san’s normal Kudan start to pose for the battle that’ll come up in the next episode. XD

Episode End.

I love Syapran’s newly drawn Kudan, btw! Have I told you that, miri-rin? LOL.

Now I really can’t wait for the 6th episode. I’m definitely sure the panels will be there. The title sort of gave it away:

Unshed Tears

Aww… poor Syaoran! *sniff* I have a huge feeling I’m gonna cry in the next episode again. After all, I DID cry numerous times reading that scene in the manga… Damn, I’m too wimpy when it comes to these things! *sweatdrop*

Oh well. Either way, I can’t wait for the next episode! Syaoran looks too cool once again in the episode preview. (No sad moments shown in the preview, so I don’t really feel that sad…) Only four days left until the next episode becomes available for download! Yeah!

Live-Evil and Dattebayo, I LOVE YOU!!!!

And don’t worry, Syaoran! I’ll be there crying when you can’t! *dodges the weird looks people throw at her*

And now that I finally watched and yapped about it, I shall finally read ChibiYuuto's blog! Yeah! XD

Mood: fulfilled
Music: Blaze - Kinya Kotani
彩psychedelic_aya on May 11th, 2005 07:58 pm (UTC)
I haven't read this yet, ~glances up~ seeing as its a bit long, but I shall comment again after reading. XD muwahah.
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 12th, 2005 12:32 pm (UTC)
I haven't read this yet, ~glances up~ seeing as its a bit long.
A bit long?! I think you're being too nice. It's obviously long. LOL. Yeah, thanks for reading all my TRC babbling all this time. :D
(Anonymous) on May 12th, 2005 01:14 am (UTC)
ei kyoy! i want you to check out these communities! ^^
*sigh* sayang la akong livejournal -_-" dami ko na rin kasing blogs TT^TT
sali ka!

Bakang Batugankyoy on May 12th, 2005 12:29 pm (UTC)
Re: krinkle
Not really fond of communities, but I shall visit anyways. Marami ka palang blog, anu URL? I never knew you had one....*sweatdrop*

How's Singapore? :D

(Anonymous) on May 19th, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)
Re: krinkle
yeah its says so in the community... *sobs* rieg's and my dreams are shattered TT^TT