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15 May 2005 @ 12:18 pm
Tsubasa Chronicle 6 is out!  
BTU: 0.4%

Just as the title says. I can finally download it! Oh yeah! panels, here I come!

Too bad, I've only got 6 hours of internet access left. Garr. I'm gonna have to buy more for extra. Lalalalalala. In the meantime, I am spending my time downloading fanart at Moeboard. It's like a sharing site for anything anime-related. (Kinda like Advanced Anime, only in Korean. -__-)


My mum also says she's gonna get me the laptop tomorrow! Yayay. I was surprised she was getting it so soon. (Actually, "soon" is an a bit ironic as it was supposed to be my Christmas+Birthday gift. -__- But with all those back-to-back balikbayans visiting (Pasalubong Galore!), I understand. XD) She says she's also gonna buy another printer for the laptop (with scanner and copier, kinda like the one Aya-chan told me about, LOL.)

Today is going great. I ate cake for breakfast and we're gonna have pizza for lunch. Cool, no? Heheh.

Yayay. The only thing ruining my day is BT which is:

BTU: 0.5%

Can you believe that? *sighs* I should be used to this by now....

We also watched The Italian Job on HBO last night. It was so cool, the cars were drool-worthy all the way. Heheh. The movie actually reminded me of all those DVDs I have to watch. Maybe I'll watch one now. Maybe. (Gomen ne, Aya-chan. Maybe if I pull another 48, I shall watch.)

I also have Yuko-chan's diskette of Impossible goodness. Hahah! I shall read it again and again. It's really good! The story was a bit messy tough because they're like drafts for now. I can't wait for the finished version! (Pasensya na, Sacla. Ganito talaga ang buhay. May kaibigang mapagkakatiwalaan *coughs*Kami ni Tiff*coughs* at may mga kaibigang walang kwenta *coughs*Kami uli ni Tiff*coughs* Heheh. XD)

And to make things better, sm16 texted me last night (All the way from Singapore!) just to let me know she bought me Tsubasa: RESERVior CHRoNiCLE 4 & 5! I was so happy! Now all I need to look for is 1 & 3! (Thanks so much, Krink! I LAVE YOU!!!! *glomps* XD)

Oh, yeah! Today is Sunday that means my beloved cacti need their weekly spray. Hahah.

Okie, mirin. See you.

BTU: 0.5%

It's not moviiiiiing!!!!!!

Mood: chipper
Music: Minsan - Eraserheads
(Anonymous) on May 15th, 2005 03:34 am (UTC)
enraged HULK
grabe... mga kaibigan nga naman noh?

the next time i see you... im gonna kill you both...

beware of the HULK's great rage...

maganda ng italian job! IT rockz dude! i love the mini-coupers!(tama ba spelling?)

btw... wla naman nagbabago sa BTU eh!!!
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 15th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
Re: enraged HULK
Hulk? OMG, ang corny moh. Yes, maganda nga ang Italian Job. Yeah, and about the BTU, oo nga, nakakaasar na minsan. Heheh. Pero ang ganda nga ng Impossible! :D
Hischizojunkie on May 15th, 2005 02:09 pm (UTC)
Re: enraged HULK
di ko pa napapanood ang italian job pero maganda nga daw. bea alam mo ba na dito sa isteyts, sinasamba yata ng mga bookstore and manga. picture this: two unhibited rows of pure (un)adulterated japcomics. may GGG 8 dun... huwaw... and tiff's uh thing. ;P
(Anonymous) on May 15th, 2005 03:42 pm (UTC)
i knoooooowwww... elo!!!!!!! i miss u :( we're commenting at the site of cinderella!!! hehehe...

sana pareho lang ung airplane na sasakyan natin...!!!!!!! sana magkita tayo sa airport para msaya!!! :)
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 16th, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
Re: moning
Wah! Ang daya nio naman ni moning! No fair! *pouts* That's like manga heaven....
(Anonymous) on May 15th, 2005 03:53 pm (UTC)
we're both gonna have new laptops!!!!!!!! yehey!!!! ur gonna buy a new one!!!! and im gonna get my brother's never b4 used laptop... so, say bye bye to my 1 year old laptop!

as u see... i've recovered from the "news"... i've just got home from shopping... grabe, INIT. pero i guess, it would be definitely hotter there... haay...
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 16th, 2005 04:42 am (UTC)
Re: moning
I'm glad you're feeling better. :D Yayay. I now have a laptop! YAY!
彩psychedelic_aya on May 16th, 2005 01:32 am (UTC)
Yay, that means you have a laptop today! Wowie, I wanna go to your house again and see it! Hm, hey, I can hear my yayas watching wowowee. Oh well. XD Good luck with the TRC, btw. HAHAHAHAH. XD GO YOU. You can do it. OH YEAH. TELL ME ABOUT THE CLANDESTINE RENDEZVOUS EVENT (if there is any) MUWAHAHAHAH! And oh, I'm babbling again... XD This is what happens when I try to call you at noontime and your asleep. >.<
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 16th, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)

*calms down*

What wrong with waking up after twelve? *winkwink* You wake up before six. -__-
(Anonymous) on May 16th, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
pag binasa mo ung YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY... parang AYA..hehehe...

i also wake up late... actually 11... hehehe... ginigising pa ko :D