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20 May 2007 @ 08:23 pm
Meme time!  
I got bored. You know what that means! *insert subject line* Damn, I need a life. I have too much free time on my hands yet I have lots to do. How is that possible? Procrastination.

Ganked from a lot of people—I lurk too much to remember who:

Post a list of 10 of your favorite fandoms.
Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each fandom.
When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character.
Not really my favorites, just the ones that popped in my head.

1. Cardcaptor Sakura - Meilin Li (psychedelic_aya)
Love the way she's so in love with Syaoran but devoted enough to let him go. She's so possessive, there's never a dull moment with her! EPISODE 43 OWNS!

2. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Syaoran (slasher_forever)
I always think I'd end up single my whole life because I really find no point in burdening myself with a partner but if Syaoran were to come to life, I'd totally ask him to marry me. ♥

3. xxxHOLiC - Yuuko (kotomine)
She's crazy and serious at the same time. Her whole existence is intriguing, how could I not love her?

4. Twin Spica - Asumi Kamogawa (psychedelic_aya)
What I love most about her is her devotion to her dream and her gullibility, she's such a kid at heart. ♥

5. Death Note - L (slasher_forever)
I fell in love with him the moment he narrowed down Kira's existence to exist in Japan. Then he made his appearance, admiration was inevitable. Genius and so adorable, who could resist?

6. Rave Master - Elie (slasher_forever)
She's beautiful and can kick ass, not to mention watching her gamble entertains me everytime. XD

7. DNAngel - Emiko Niwa (psychedelic_aya)
She's my most favorite mom in any given fandom. She's so weird and random, she makes the whole Niwa family love.

8. Chobits - Dita (darkmaestrox)
I don't remember when she became my favorite. It used to be Kotoko but being a ZimaxDita fangirl probably made me get into the fandom. I guess she reminds me of Kanon, my favorite WA2 character. They're both cool like that.

9. Grey's Anatomy - Meredith Grey (vermicide)
Most of anyone I know hate her. In fact, only one friend of mine can stand her. XD But with everything she's been through, who can blame her? She's an awesome "person" to Cristina and I love her especially when she's drunk and high.

10. Twisted Fantasy - Aera Blero (psychedelic_aya)
Muwahah. Everyone mistakes my favorite character as Orel but being gay isn't all that. :P The way she interacts with anyone is always entertaining and I love her whole character.

♫ Go through the first 25 songs of your playlist on shuffle.
♫ Pick your favorite line from each song and try not to make it one with the title in it.
♫ Post and let people guess what song the lines come from.
♫ Cross out the numbers of the songs when someone guesses correctly.
♫ I'm skipping the Japanese, Korean & Chinese lines because romanization is too much work.
♫ Filipino songs are staying because OPM is love. Besides, I can't mess up the lyrics here!
♫ Anyone with an account can guess, regardless if on my f-list or not.
♫ If by some odd chance you want any of these songs, I'll gladly upload them!
1. And honestly, to look you in the eye / It's easier to lie, easier to lie (no_chienne)
2. You're always the same, you're always the same
3. Ako'y isang malungkot na bata
4. Love can be so boring (rixorama)
5. And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave / There's just too much that time cannot erase (star_flare)
6. I don't care, I'll walk away
7. In my head, and what you said is ringing, ringing faster / And it's all good, if you would stop the world from making sense
8. Be still / Let your hand melt into mine
9. We’ve been on the run / Driving in the sun / Looking out for #1 (rixorama)
10. Been a long road to follow / Been there and gone tomorrow / Without saying goodbye to yesterday (star_flare)
11. Say my name, say my name, say my stupid name / You're so stupid and perfect / I hate you, I want you
12. Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo / Huwag mo akong isipin / Bahala ka (kotomine)
13. It's only love / But love has been hurting so long
14. Have you ever felt like your secrets give you away? / You're not alone
15. This is the song of "Wish You Were Here" (kotomine)
16. It's the wrong kind of place to be cheating on you / It's a small crime / And I've got no excuse
17. Tokpu yota ng bolo (no_chienne)
18. They have their own reasons, whatever they may be / That's why I think it's kind of funny why you don't have one for me
19. I was lost, I was lost / Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed (vermicide)
20. And I know, you're just around the corner / But just around the corner is not enough
21. My heart is as dark as the soil sodden with winter rains / My body is as tense as a cat's as it stalks its prey
22. And it was you who stuck with me when the skies were blue
23. Hanggang gumulong ang luha / Hanggang mahulog ang tala (vermicide)
24. We're covered in lies and that's okay / I'm still learning things I ought to know by now (rixorama)
25. When it falls into place with you and I, we go from if to when

LE ANSWERS!~ 11/25
1. Easier to Lie - Aqualung
4. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) - Vertical Horizon
5. My Immortal - Evanessence
9. California - Phantom Planet
10. Gravity - Maaya Sakamoto
12. Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo - Rivermaya
15. KINGFISHER GIRL (The Song of "Wish You Were Here") - Maaya Sakamoto
17. Bogchi Hokbu - Eraserheads
19. In My PLace - Coldplay
23. Alapaap - Eraserheads
24. You're A God - Vertical Horizon

List seven things that piss you off and tag seven people.
In no particular order again:

1. New rating comm applicants who don't vote for anyone.
2. People who borrow my books and return them in a scandalous condition.
3. Demanding people who ask for damned favors that I'll do anyway because I can't help myself.
4. When people "fix" my room and I can't find my things anymore.
5. Being awakened at an ungodly hour (or just being awakened) for something stupid.
6. When people hover over my shoulder while I do something.
7. Recently? My brother.

Wow things that piss me off are mostly people. *amused* But why am I not surprised? /evil

For no particular reason: star_flare, goldberry, obsidianwing, clymnestra, anriz88, jileh, cunejo. Whether I tagged you or not, do it or leave it if you want~

Oh, and comments are screened to avoid 'accidentally' looking at someone else's answers. XD I'll unscreen eventually, don't worry.

And yes, I'm done.website stats

Mood: amused
Music: Edge of the Ocean - Ivy
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freon icetani: spunky!slasher_forever on May 20th, 2007 10:59 am (UTC)
replying to your meme..(because I'm bored)

1. Cardcaptor Sakura -syaoran?
2. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE -syaoran?
5. Death Note- is it L?
6. Rave Master- ellie? XP
7. DNAngel- probably dai-kun
10. Twisted Fantasy- OREL!

I wanted to guess the songs, but I'm not really good in guessing songs. (er-?)none of those lines ring a bell to me.. XP
Bakang Batugan: Happykyoy on May 20th, 2007 11:08 am (UTC)
1. Nope, sorry.
2. Yes!
5. Haha, I'm so obvious.
6. Wow, yes! Did the icon give it away? XD
7. Not anymore, sorry.
10. Surprising but no. Haha. Try again? XD