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26 August 2007 @ 02:53 am
May I have your autograph?  
Before anything else, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, aoimidori! I'm so glad you liked my small gift! ♥

I was panicking about the Formal Interview this morning because I FELL ASLEEP LAST NIGHT AT 8 AND WOKE UP AT 6AM. AND MY SIGSHEET WAS LITERALLY THE SHIT. I was about to lose my head, I thought of deferring. I can't believe I managed to pull it off!

My interview went IMO, great for me! I know I messed up a few things but it was really okay. :D I LOVE MY BUDDY I REALLY DO! ♥ Srsly, kulang pa ang 3k sa bid ko sa kanya! I need to give him something.... And thank you to non_malarkey for my new cactus! I don't know what to name him/her yet. :(His name is Pierrot! Everyone, say hi to my new baby! ♥

Just a few more days to go! GO CO-APPS!


And guys! Add my buddy to your Y!Ms: garraffen

Went to Megamall in my interview clothes (minus the heels, eck) and met up with soyduquesa for cryptaviscus's debut. I bought The Curious Incident of the Dog today with justhoopla's gift.

I had a CRAZY time at Comic Alley today. Every employee was picking on me to buy stuff. (So much expensive merchandise, life is unfair!) I ended up replacing my Clow Card set (they're really pretty), got a cute vibrating Mokona, Ryuk plushie and a Yahiko figurine for psychedelic_aya.

I went to the store thrice. The first was to buy Mokona and the card set. The second one was to replace something (I'm fickle-minded like that lolz.) And the third one was to buy the Ryuk and Yahiko stuff, and I was already changed into my party clothes. The employees were so happy to see me, "New set of clothes, new set of money!" Whut. Crazy money-hungry people. But I really enjoyed Comic Alley today. They were really fun to be with.



I always thought it was an AME thing but some random guy asked for my autograph today. O____O

Me: (drooling at the mass of Mokona merchandise)
Guy: (to friend) She really looks like Angela Aki....
Me: (turns to guy) I heard that a lot of times but I really don't know the person.
Guy: She's a really great singer and she's really prettty.... *daydreams*
Me: Okay, that's nice. (goes back to drooling)
Guy: May I have your autograph? Even if you're not the real thing, that's okay.
Me: o____O WHUT.

starlight_19! I have a Syaoran plushie source for you! Just Y!M me for details! I MISS YOU. ♥

Communities I visit recently:
rk_ratings New stamps! Go apply now!
404desu My fandom community! If you friended me for my uploads, feel free to defriend me now and friend that instead. :D
nanatachi Co-apps! Join this comm if you haven't yet!

Fandoms I love recenlty:
★ Lovely Complex! (Their date was so cracked!)
★ Romeo x Juliet (Oh the revelations! Laertes, I still lav joo.)
★ Lucky☆Star (I love the OP!)
★ Zombie Loan!
.... That's all. I need more fandoms. :O

I'm so happy today! This is the best day I've had in years. I got to reunite with my lovely high school friends thanks to the very lovely Myca. (She was so beautiful tonight! ♥) And I even got to see anriz88! I was so happy, I kept yelling! She even had to cover my mouth just to quiet me down, lolz. I missed her so much. :(

I also got to spend time with Adrian, my cute, little godchild! I miss him. :)

I miss a lot of things. Like COWS. And GREY'S ANATOMY. Season 4 is coming, yay! ILU moniqcrisos

I should sleep so I can study for my midterms but wah, BEST DAY EVAR. I DON'T WANT THIS DAY TO END.

That was a long entry. Forgive me, I can't contain my happiness.

PS: Ate Ica gave the hardest mission ever! 50 REASONS WHY SAKURA AND SYAORAN DOESN'T BELONG They're my ultimate OTP! *weeps in a corner*

sm16sm16 on August 26th, 2007 10:41 am (UTC)

thanks parent!!! it really meant a lot to me :3
Bakang Batugan: Comfortingkyoy on August 26th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
LUCKY STAR! It makes me want to dance~♥

I'm glad you're better now, just message me when you need another hug. ♥
how random things collideserenityrages on August 26th, 2007 03:24 pm (UTC)
... the vibrating Mokona sounds vaguely dirty.

Oh my darling is a rockstar now! I miss you sosososo much. I've been really sick lately. I'm blaming school and the weather. :((

YAY Grey's Season 4!!!
Bakang Batugan: Contentkyoy on August 26th, 2007 07:23 pm (UTC)
You weren't the only one who thought so. *remembers the look on Myca and Mandee's face when they saw it*


Haha, I'm a rockstar, lolz. I miss you too. :( When is your play again? Give me the exact details or I might not be able to watch! :(

I hope my mommy feels better soon! *bighugoflove*

certifiedotakucertifiedotaku on August 27th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
yay! told you so!...

kyaaaa!!!... celebrity studded ang batch nyo!

angela aki! shirota yuu!... *fangirl heart attack*


haha... masaya rin yung mission ni pyro, 40 reasons why sasuke and sakura should end up together. i offered him my help, but still... bwahahahaahhaaaa... the suffering!

pwedeng magpapicture with you and my buddy before i go? tingnan natin kung maloloko ko rin yung mga hapon. :D
Bakang Batugan: Friendlykyoy on August 27th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
Hi ate! *waves*

Nakikita ko po si Shirota kay Kuya Diego, pero hindi si Angela sa akin. XD

Ang swerte ni Pyro! Haha. I knew you would like his mission. Tutulungan nga daw siya ni Tiff eh. XD

Err, haha. If you want, okay lang po. XD Lolz, sabihin niyo po sa akin kung naloko niyo. XD

Kelan po kayo babalik? :3
certifiedotakucertifiedotaku on August 27th, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
Kelan po kayo babalik? :3

around august, i guess... if you want to check out angela aki's songs, i suggest you start with kodoku no kakera (fragments of solitude). nakakadugo ng puso... n_n'

hehe... cge, kung may naloko ako, ikaw unang makakaalam. :D

Bakang Batugan: Wantedkyoy on August 27th, 2007 01:06 am (UTC)
Okay! Yay, thank you for your recs. Matagal ko na gusto makinig sa kanya pero di ko alam kung saan magsisimula. XD

Yay~ Haha. Can't wait! Sana nga po, may maloko kayo. XD