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30 May 2005 @ 12:48 am
'Tis been a while since I last babbled about TRC, eh? You must've missed them huh, miri-chan? XP

Yayay. I watched episode 7 yesterday thanks to my wonderful friend, Aya-chan, who downloaded it for me while I was in Baguio! (Thanks again, Aya-chan!) It was wonderful! Better than 6 at least.... *grumblesgrumbles*

Syaoran's hotness was over the meter as usual. *drools* He absolutely looked cool with his new outfit. Green realy is his color! *sighs dreamily* And so absolutely cool and sweet with Sakura-chan! So sad too, if I may add. *sighs*

Sakura can't remember him at all! WAH! I guess that's what's supposed to happen, BUT STILL! *whines*

Can't wait for the next episode which is why I was using the internet since 11:30 this morning waiting for Live-eviL and Dattebayo to release the episode. They usually release after 13:00 but I waited just in case they release early but until this very moment, there's still no sign of episode 8! Whah!


....I'm worried. I hope nothing bad happened.... *bites nails*

In the meantime, I am downloading more TRC stuff. XD

CCSxTRC crossover.

Wai! It's like CCS all over again! Kawaii, desu-ne?


Can he honestly get anymore hotter? *drools*
Oh wait, *checks other Syaoran images* He can. XD

And for no apparent reason, I downloaded SasuSaku Goodness too....


It's Sakura punching Sasuke (Who is in workout outfit, btw. Yaaaak.)
A rare image, since Sakura's usually:

Glomp Incorporated.

LOL. No such thing as too much glomping?
*glomps them both* I couldn't agree more. ^__^
Oh, and Sasuke looks gay. XD

Awww.... How cute!*sighs*

Team Seven.

Look at Sakura, she's enjoying her ride! Hee-hee!
And Naruto.... well, he's just jealous Sakura gets a turn. XD


OMG indeed. What more can I say? XD Kawaii, ne....

SasuSaku Fandom is Aya-chan's fault btw. Telling me cute fanfics everyday of my life, showing me cute fanarts and babbliing about them every second she gets.... it'll eventually grow on you, ya know? And now, I am slowly getting obssessed over them.

Oh well.

I just hope the 8th episode gets released soon....

In the meantime.... *hunts for more goodies*

Mood: fangirlish *drools*
Music: Loop - Maaya Sakamoto
彩psychedelic_aya on May 30th, 2005 08:38 am (UTC)
...ILOVEYOU! GAH! I am squealing right now. SASUSAKU! My comment to the images...

1. Yeah, its like CCS all over again! Look at the pretty Tomoyo! *hugs Tomoyo-chan* Hey... *twitch twitch* Eriol-kun no doko?!

2. Syaoran is hot. But Eriol's so much better. XD But you know that's just me. XD


4. Hahah, poor Sasuke-kun. Did he get punched? I hope so. (Muwahahah.) HE DESERVES IT! Then they can kiss and make up afterwards... *evil laugh*

5. This one's so cute! Comic panel with all the SasuSaku goodness. Yum. XD Sasuke's so adorable when he blushes. Wish we could see it in the anime. >.<

6. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! *glomps the three of them* TEAM 7 and SasuSaku all in one! (Too bad no Kakashi, but I bet he's probably late, so oh well...) HE'S CARRYING HER! AAAAHHH! Kawaii, kawaii! Btw...

And Naruto.... well, he's just jealous Sakura gets a turn. XD ---> This comment is... help.


And now you have influenced me more, I need to get more of them SasuSaku fandom...
Bakang Batugankyoy on May 31st, 2005 03:15 am (UTC)
LOL. SasuSaku are really cute, eh? Whahahah. Sana maabutan kita sa YM, I wanna send ya the fanart I got. XD

This comment is... help.
It's TRUE! IT'S TRUE! Muwahahahah!

Look at my avatar! Dance, Shika! DANCE! *laughs manically*
michaelchipo on May 31st, 2005 01:16 am (UTC)
hey doggie! added you! add me too! haha! miss you!