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30 May 2005 @ 12:39 pm
The Discoveries.  
Wild ARMs a.k.a. Wild ARMs Alter Code: F

I know her name! I finally do! Yayay. Remember that girl I was frustrating about because I didn't know her name? Well, now I do! Yayayay.

Her name is Aura! Yayayay.

Now, everytime I see this face:

My name is Aura.

I shall know that her name is Aura! Yayay.

And it's all thanks to this site!


I was so excited, I seriously felt my heart pounding when I saw her name. XD I'm so happy because everytime I search for Wild ARMs fanart, she and Zed are most popular couple I see.

Now, I won't be clueless whenever I see another cute fanart of them. Oh yeah! *dances around the room happily*

I just hope my assumption is right. The site I went to is a Japanese site you see, so there's a possibility I may be wrong. But this time, I'm sure I'm right!

Muwahahahahaha! I'm on top of the world! *laughs manically*

Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator

I think Yulie is connected to this guy:


It's because I see lots of fanart with them both in it.

Like this:

Their clothes even match!

Or this:


And even this:

Yulie: Tell me a story, onii-chan!

I think his name is Kresnik. And judging from the fanarts, I think he's Yulie's older brother. Or a brother figure, at least. Just look at them! They look so close! If he was a lot more older, he could also be her father. XD



Waiting for WAF is making me download lots of fanart. By the time the game is released, my folders will be overflowing of WA fanart. *sighs* I sure hope Agetec hurries....

Oh, and Live-eviL and DatteBayo finally released the 8th episode. Yipee for me! Surprisingly, they released late (today). Which is odd, because they usually release every Sunday.... I wonder what happened? Oh well! It doesn't matter now, at least I can finally download it! Muwahahahahaha! Yayayay.

Mood: proud
Music: Come Get Some - Rooster
彩psychedelic_aya on May 30th, 2005 08:43 am (UTC)
I am happy you found mysterious girl's name. XD Muwahahah. Aura, kinda reminds me of dot.hack, heheh!

BTW, natalo na namin si Riccardo sa Haunting Grounds! Hewie pushed the weirdo off a cliff. Last stage na, D.O.M (dirty old man) aka C.O.M (creepy old man) aka Lorenzo naman ang boss. HE'S FREAKISHLY ANNOYING. He crawls to chase you, and he's EXTREMELY fast. >.< At least malapit na matapos... I hope. XD

Bakang Batugankyoy on May 31st, 2005 03:12 am (UTC)
Aura, kinda reminds me of dot.hack, heheh!
Same first thought! Ngayon, nagdududa tuloy ako kung tama nga yung name *sweatdrop*

Good luck sa Haunting Grounds. :D