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05 November 2007 @ 10:43 pm
Mukha na akong meme  
The cover for the eleventh Kino no Tabi novel:

....I'm not saying anything because I am a perfectly straight girl. I am not the lesbolord my faggot of a friend claims me to be. I am normal. BUT WHY IS SHE SO HOT?

Actually, Kino's a guy. ♥ I feel so lucky. ^O^


I will tell 10 things about me, that I think none of you knows yet. If one you knows one of those things already and tells me about it, I will have to add a new fact to the list. After this I will challenge 10 LJ friends to post this to their journals and tell 10 unknown facts about themselves.

01 → My second favorite color is not red, it's grey.

02 → I trust my brother when it comes to advice. I even pester him over the smallest things when I can, it's almost embarrassing.

03 → When I eat enough chocolate, I get sick.

04 → I've been at a raid once (lol piracy) and saw Edu Manzano (the anti-piracy head) there. Amidst the chaos, people were trying to take pictures of him—lawl. The raid was even featured on the news, I could've been on TV without knowing it! XD

05 → Back when I was susceptible to anything my parents would say, I was a ballerina. And a gymnast. Was.

06 → My neighbors suck. One is always lazy enough to block the driveway with their car and the other one is a living soap opera. Seriously, they scream and curse each other at the top of their lungs every day. It's like listening to a radio drama without the background music but with more yelling.

07 → My middle name means 'happy' in my native language.

08 → The cousin I'm closest to lives halfway around the world. I have cousins who live nearby here but she's the one I'm close to the most.

09 → When I was young, I thought the Selecta (or was it Magnolia?) theme song was the song of the fairies. The first time I heard it, I noticed that no one paid it attention. I thought I was the only one who could hear it. Hence, I dubbed myself a chosen one by the magical beings. It took me a while to realize the truth. I was in grade four. ^^;

10 → I ship Kyon/Yuki.

11 → Although I was a gymnast, I failed like whoa as one. The only split I ever did was when I slipped in the bathroom—it hurt, mind you.

12 → I also wanted to be an ice cream vendor when I was young. The pushcarts seduced me good.

13The Italian Job is a close second to the Pirates of the Caribbean series in my favorite movie list.

14 → I get bruises all over my body when I have my period or I'm nearing it.

15 → All my grandparents are dead.

16 → When I cry, I get the worst headaches.

17 → I've never been drunk.

18 → When I'm looking for someone in public places, I call their name out loud while I walk, it's a habit I do even if it's embarrassing for some people and they tell me to stop.

19 → I pluck strands of my (now short—yay!) hair when I'm idle.

20 → I used to put ice cubes in my soup to cool it down.

Screw tagging, just do it if you want to~

PS; Look! I got stamped as Aura at filgaia_rating today! I'm the first one to get stamped as her too~

PPS; Happy birthday, mooguriklaine! ^O^

Bakang Batugan: Poutykyoy on November 5th, 2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
Kyaaa my Kino. ♥

They're both illegally hot, not fair! XD
sm16sm16 on November 6th, 2007 07:50 am (UTC)
i knoooow. like hyde DDD: