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03 June 2005 @ 01:07 am
Life is Good.  
Oh yeah! Downloaded and watched the 8th episode of Tsubasa Chronicle yesterday and it was so good! It was another extra episode where it focuses on Sakura-chan again. XD Episode title was God's Favourite Daughter and it shows how fortunate and blessed Sakura is. XD

The point is, it was a wonderful episode! There were at least THREE Sakura <3's Syaoran implications! This is a happy moment indeed because sakura lost all her memories of him and blah. I'm so happy!



Situation: Sakura and Syaoran were trapped inside inescapable world
Unknown Magical-like Voice: ....You are surely God's Favourite Daughter.... Now go with the person you love, back to the place where you belong.
Sakura: *takes Syaoran's hand*


See that?! SEE?! SEE?! If that's not an implied moment, I don't know what is! XD

I told you so! Whahahahah! Sorry, I wasn't able to blog about it at once because soon after, I searched for SakuraXSyaoran fanart. XD LOL.

But I am not posting them right now, too lazy at the moment.... Maybe tomorrow. XD

By Danime-chan.
SPOILER: In the later volume of TRC, Fye gives Sakura and Syaoran nicknames!
He calls them "Chikoi Wanko" and "Chikoi Nyanko" XD The artist of the drawing said so.
It's not really much of a spoiler which is why I'm not disappointed. XD

While I was searching for fanart, I landed in danime-chan's page. She loves Syaoran, draws for TRC and CCS, plus, a really good artist, too! XD Most of her work are drawings of herself though. XD (Insert memories of Aya-chan's vanity.) But they're really cute, so it's fun to download a select few every now and then. Heheh.

But most of all, I found out that she draws for HP too! Oh yeah! Marauders Extravanganza!

By Danime-chan.


You haven't met them, have you Mirin? The Marauders are consisted of three people: James Potter a.k.a. Prongs, Sirius Black a.k.a. Padfoot and Remus Lupin a.k.a. Moony.

James and Sirius are animagi (Meaning they can transform into animals. James-->Stag and Sirius-->Dog) and Remus is a werewolf. That's why they have those ears popping out of their heads and tails on their behinds! XD

James is my favourite! *glomps* I lave him! (Kyaaa!) And of course, James and Lily are my favourite couple! *hearts*

There's also this other guy but I conveniently forgot his name. Whatshisname is a rat. R-A-T. Not just an animagus rat, but a rat by nature. Gawd, I LOATHE that guy!


And to think I hate rats in real life too. That is what I call fate.

But I shall not let him ruin my day. Episode 8 rocks my world, we (finally) got to watch Star Wars 3, I found lots of great new fanart, I am progressing in the Wild Arms 3 gaming world, and to top things off, CLASSES WERE DELAYED TO JUNE 8!!!!


Good times, good days, great life. XD

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彩psychedelic_aya on June 3rd, 2005 01:24 am (UTC)
Classes were delayed to June 8? LOL, I didn't know that! And here I was already ready to get ready for monday. XD